Essential Oils

my window sill
My window sill on any given day…crystals, an old penny, driftwood, essential oils, and a cocktail ring from Out Of The Closet. 

I haven’t done much work with essential oils, but my dear friend, Ben Lee, knows the world about them!  He carries essences around with him as I do my rock friends (I am typically weighed down by pockets full of crystals!).  To be near Ben is to be enveloped in a cloud of scent and infused by his exquisite enthusiasm for this healing modality.   We went headlong into conversation about possibilities of combining oils with crystals for an even deeper healing experience.  He asked me what some typical blockages are that I come across during Healing Excavations.  Well, as anyone who’s done an Excavation knows,  resistance is the primary blockage for us all, but below that resistance we feel as we are about to excavate a piece of pain from our systems, the top few issues I’ve seen are:

blockages of abundance and career

issues of childhood relationship with the father

issues of childhood relationship with the mother

compulsion towards self-punishing & self-sabotage

Ben did some research and found complimentary oils to help alleviate these blockages.  I co-ordinated these with crystals whose vibration can provide similar support.  They are:

abundance = wild orange = citrine and/or peridot

father = frankincense = sunstone

mother = myrrh = selenite

self-punishing = cassia = blue chalcedony and/or aragonite

I plan to experiment with these allies over the coming months and see if anything pops out as super helpful.   It’s so exciting to play in new ways!