What’s The Deal with “Past Lives”!

Exploring the metaphor

I know.  It’s my question too.  What the heck!  It is so easy to get hung up in the logistics of past lives…i.e. how could I be in that life there, and then in this life here, and what is the deal with my grandfather also being my child and also being my sworn enemy and also being my beloved in a tangle of details on a wrinkled time line!   I think it’s best not to get too left-brained about past lives, and to simply go with the story.  That is why I generally call this information a “past life metaphor” whenever it appears during an Excavation.  This makes it slightly easier for the critical mind to stop analyzing for a few moments and simply absorb.  Of course, in my experience, past lives generally show up for the most left-brained, skeptical of my clients!  The clients who were  brought in by a well-meaning spouse or friend (arm twisted behind their back), and the last thing they need is a story about ancient Egypt.  Except, of course, it’s the first thing they need, because it’s what appears first.  But even I take a deep breath before delving in.  It’s the one essence or energy that usually can’t be validated, unlike the detail I relate about your brother’s facial hair, or the color of your bathroom towels.   It can be especially hard for a client if the past life story holds no resonance for them emotionally now.  But of course, this is where resistance and blockage comes in, numbing the way, making the story seem inconsequential.  I certainly detect a lot of “she doesn’t know what the #$%^ she’s talking about”‘ when I begin to detail a past life for a client.  The thing I look for in these cases is the moral of the story or over-riding themes that may help a person in their current life.

Sometimes the theme is loss.  Sometimes the theme is redemption.  These universal themes or archetypes can have great impact for understanding the underlying motivations in a client ‘s life today.

I have done quite a bit of past life work myself, even though, still, I don’t necessarily believe it.  I do believe the themes are important to removing blocks I have in this lifetime, and deepening my compassion for the experiences of other people.  As an example, I am deeply connected to Native American culture (my shamanism studies are rooted in this spirituality) and am horrified what my race of people (northern Europeans) did to these peoples.  Whenever I would read about pioneers being raided and killed, I honestly would cheer and say, ‘They got what they had coming to them!’  …And then I experienced a past life story as a young pioneer boy being scalped and murdered by these very people I hold dear.  I suddenly saw both sides of an ugly, tragic, incomprehensible story, and I could see the situation from both sides.  Such an insight!

Honestly, I could go on and on about things I have learned about myself from experiencing the energy of past life metaphor.  I have a client whose past life consistently shows up.  Her past life always provides extremely helpful information, and my client has accessed deeper parts of herself simply by knowing of this energy (or metaphor!).  The lovely thing is, that during a reading with another practitioner, this very energy appeared again to give my client further information.  So sometimes past life metaphors can be validated!

To that point, there is one personal experience I want to share regarding past lives because it was validated in a big way.   As so often happens with a past life metaphor that appears during an Excavation, this past life was the first thing to come up.  My client, Susan, and I weren’t able “warm in” to the session with something simple, straightforward or easy.  She had to trust me immediately.  Not only that, I had to trust me immediately too.  Sometimes the images that appear from a client’s auric field don’t make any sense, and it takes a great leap of faith for me, as a healer, to relay that image & hope it has resonance.  (Once, what looked like a giant sponge with little hands and feet appeared in my mind’s eye.  I was sure this was my imagination playing tricks and it took great courage to tell a client about his ‘sponge monster’….but the client identified it almost immediately as something pertinent to his life).  So, back to the Excavation with Susan.  I lay my hands on the top of her head, and very quickly, I began to see dusty, hot streets — what looked like an old marketplace in a location somewhere like Marrakesh.  I asked her if she’d been traveling.  Her reply, “No.”

“Have you been reading about ancient Rome or bible stories?”  (The only dusty places I’d seen like these were from movies like Gladiator!)


“Hmmm.  I am seeing somewhere sort of biblical.”


I was then shown some writing which looked either Hebrew or Hieroglyphic.  With this info, Susan, almost embarrassed, said, “Well, a psychic told me about a past life in ancient Egypt.  I was a scribe.”  And with that, we were off.  I asked her not to tell me any more, but to validate what I told her with what she already knew from the encounter with the psychic.  Step by step, I was able to give her the same information.  The wonderful part was that once we were comfortable working this way, new layers of that lifetime appeared and started to make sense for Susan for her life today.  Susan and I were able to dig very deep into the lesson (or metaphor!) of the scribe’s ancient lifetime.  This experience proved to be very healing for Susan.  Whether or not the lifetime was real, it had real positive outcomes for her life now.  And, if you want to get metaphysical about it, the healing work we did in 2017 without a doubt was healing to the unresolved issues of that Egyptian lifetime.

Either way you look at it, it’s a positive!

(Personal accounts are shared by permission.  Names and details have been changed to protect privacy.  All information discussed during an Excavation is treated as privileged).