Grounding and Protective Meditation

Most people who come see me ask about how they can feel more grounded and/or navigate difficult relationships or stressful workplaces.  One of the best all-around support for this is a meditation taught to me by a number of my early teachers.

This practice will take about 2 minutes of your day.  You may end up wanting to spend longer with it, though, once you see the almost magical effects it has on your sense of well-being through the day.

It is as follows:

Sit in a chair with your feet flat on the ground.  Take a few relaxing breaths.

Now, feel energy coming through the top of your head, down your spine, and out the bottom of your feet.  (Don’t worry if you can’t ‘feel’ the energy at first. Pretending and imagination go a long way in convincing the subconcious your experience is real.  Don’t get too left-brained about it!)  Follow that energy as it descends through the floorboards and into the earth.  At some point, you will hit rock.  This rock could be a beautiful quartz crystal or a slab of granite buried deep in the soil.  Use your imagination!  You will ‘tie’ your energy to this rock.

Now you are grounded.

Once grounded, imagine a golden energy about one foot above your head.  Let that golden energy fall around your body in an egg shape or bubble.  Let it enclose your entire body.  This is your protection.  You can set the intention that only your energy can move in this bubble.  External energy, especially negative energy like anger, resentment, judgement, jealousy, is not able to permeate this golden bubble.

Now you are protected.

You can add ‘extras’ to these meditations — such as an invitation to spirit guides to join you on your day’s travels, a request to your personal gate keeper to keep you safe, etc — but the basic meditation as above works beautifully.

Now toss a piece of black tourmaline into your pocket and you’re set for the day!

Be well!