Going Beyond…The Next Field of Energy (aka Heaven)

I have been so honored to work with clients who’ve asked to make contact with loved ones who’ve passed to the ‘other side.’  Somehow, I am able to make this connection and facilitate healing in this lovely and unusual manner.  I recently treated a person who had lost a parent.  We were lucky enough to traverse the energy field and communicate with her mother.  After they connected and shared personal details, the mother gave me new information about ‘the next level”, i.e. what happens after we die.

I mean, who doesn’t wonder, right?

I was thrilled to get first hand info.  (Isn’t it wonderful to realize that a conversation with a dead person can be considered ‘first hand’!) (Sorry for all of the ‘in quotes’ but stuff like this flabbergasts me just as much as it does you).  Ok, onto the good info!

I was told (in NO uncertain terms) that after we die there are three steps:

  1. rest and recovery.  “Being in a human body is uncomfortable and exceedingly difficult.”  It is necessary for every spirit who has transitioned to this other energy field to RECOVER and to review their lives.  This recovery can take as long or as short as needed.  (Time doesn’t exactly matter in the other energy field).
  2. a softening of ‘individual edges’.  When we are here on earth, in our own little capsules of flesh, we are without question individuals!  Hello me.  Hello you!  But on that other side, after we recover from a specific life, we start to meld into a more general — and sweet — pot of energy.  We are still ‘us’ but as we mellow into the energy field, we are also Us.  Let me explain a little more.  This mother, who we were working with, had been dead for 14 years.  Her initial ‘hello’ was exceedingly soft.  Surprisingly so, actually.  But, after talking to her for about 15 minutes, her ‘human’ personality came through loud and clear.  As so often happens, she started cracking jokes and it was an awesome hello.  She explained that the ‘individual soul’ has the ability to break off from the soup and be its oneness again, but, in general, after a while, souls start to mix with the larger “Big Love” soup of energy on the other side, which is why her energy initially was more generic than specific.
  3. At a certain point, the soul then has the option to either:
    1. reincarnate as a human
    2. remain in the soup
    3. move towards ascension

I have never heard this before.  Previously I was lead to believe that it’s not a ‘choice’ to ascend, but a step on the ladder after all the earth work has been completed.  This mommy energy I was in touch with made it quite clear each step was a choice.  How interesting!  Maybe the choice to ascend then includes many levels (including returning to earth as a human once again?).  I unfortunately don’t have the answer to this question, since this spirit was still brewing in the soup of souls — or Big Love, as she called it.  Still, it was an amazing and truly enlightening lesson.  I hope it helps you on your path.  It certainly has helped me (and also served to show that the more I know, the less I know.  Isn’t it wonderful!!)

With love, always, Lizzy.