Cleaning & Charging Crystals

Crystals are powerful tools for healing.  Holding one that is clean & charged can be a life-changing experience.  I’m not kidding.  The first time I held a piece of moldavite, my entire arm began to tingle followed by an insane electrical feeling on the top of my head. The first time I worked with a set of boji stones, my legs felt like they were on fire and I started crying from the immense power coming up through my body from the earth.

But, hold a crystal that hasn’t been tended to, and….nothin’  Even worse, if that crystal has absorbed energy from other sources, particularly negative ones, it can be a serious downer.

Here are instructions for cleaning/clearing and charging. your minerals:

Clean your crystal in one of the following ways.  I will start with the most simple:

  1. hold in running water (ok for quartz, but some crystals – such as selenite or other salt-based minerals – will fall apart in water)
  2. smudge with smoke from sage or palo santo stick
  3. contact with a purifying crystal such as selenite or carnelian
  4. place in a bowl of salt overnight
  5. bury in the earth overnight
  6. strike with a tuning fork
  7. envelop with reiki energy


  1. place in sunlight for a period of hours (careful with quartz as this can start a fire!), or
  2. place in direct moonlight for a period of hours, or
  3. envelop with reiki energy

That’s it.  Remember, no sharing amongst friends unless it is cleaned between uses.  Just think of your toothbrush. You can admire your friend’s toothbrush, hold it to see if you like the grip, the weight, the color, etc, but don’t use it therapeutically (i.e. put it in your mouth), unless you know it’s clean!