Oils & Stones with Ben & Lizzy: Overview

Here are the names of each stone I’m planning to talk about during Oils & Stones with Ben & Lizzy.  Stay tuned for a complete recap….

Grounding for feelings of indecision, insecurity, flightiness: magnetite
Going to a Party, Socializing!  Combatting social anxiety, having fun! : green calcite
-making boundaries, repelling negativity: malachite, black tourmaline
Expressing yourself: amber, larimar
Creativity flow– unblock that block! Outflow:carnelian, moldavite
-In-flow (i.e. abundance): citrine, peridot
Sleep issues: biochemical: lepidolite, blue calcite, blue opal
-calming ‘the boogey man’/healing old pain and trauma: pink calcite, bixbite, danburite, rose quartz
Removing physical/emotional/spiritual blockages of all kinds: boji stones
Spiritual connection – combat feelings of isolation: tibetan tektite, nirvana quartz, super-7, moldavite

Some oils that Ben mentioned (to be discussed in greater detail in future post):

thyme, cypress, oregano – clearing blockages!  He puts this combo on his heart center
spearmint, lavender – speaking/personal expression through words
juniper – exploring and clearing the dark side of one’s psyche