DNA: The Magical Strands

When I started doing Healing Excavation, the only thing I knew about DNA was that I modeled it out of gum drops and licorice sticks in ninth grade science class.  It’s true I barely understood what those twisting strands meant, and also true that I ate the stale candy from the display when the school year ended.  So I was surprised — as a DNA dummy — when I started accessing information about DNA during Excavations with clients.  I have been told, at different times, that a new strand of a client’s DNA was ‘activating,’ or that the Excavation energies were ‘rewriting some old DNA.’   I was told that a particularly talented musician I was treating, had a ‘third strand of DNA’ specifically programmed for musical genius.  Since this all began happening, I have paid closer attention and have learned that in metaphysical systems, there is the belief that DNA has many more than the 2 strands I learned about in biology class, and that these ‘hidden’ strands have the blueprints for higher spiritual functioning.

Mainstream has been deep into DNA function over the last decades, and there was recently an article in the NY Times exploring cutting edge technology that uses human DNA as data storage.  I don’t even begin to understand this, and, to be honest, it seems a little creepy to store information in a person’s DNA, but it does show there is more to the DNA than the double helix of licorice sticks and gum drops.

I know through my own work, that DNA is an important aspect of human spiritual evolution and healing; and that it’s possible the many uncatalogued strands actually connect us to different dimensions and different realms.

Certainly, DNA plays a role in disease.  Cancer is the result of damage/faulty programming in the DNA, as are many other diseases.  So, I was very interested in a healing treatment I received from Dr. Mary Helen Hensley who is the author of many books on this topic, and does a treatment similar in tone to Excavation.  (I often visit recommended healers to keep my own system tuned up.  Like everyone else, I still have plenty of blockages and old pain to address).  She treated my body on the cellular level using tuning forks.  It was an amazing experience and by the end, I was vibrating to the point of feeling I might levitate!  She gave me the following very helpful piece of information:

It is possible to ‘talk’ to the DNA directly by listening to the tone of 528 Hz (either with a tuning fork or as pure tone —YouTube has plenty to choose from).   528 Hz is the frequency of healthy DNA.  When a person’s DNA is exposed to this healthy tone, it will entrain to this frequency.  So, if there is some hiccup in the body’s system — such as  disease, or simply a head cold — this tone will support healing and optimal balance in the body.  Dr. Hensley recommended using this tone whenever I feel zapped of energy or a cold coming on.  I love the idea of helping my body to heal using this alternative method.

Another tool in the tool box for you to explore!

Be well!