I am always trying to learn more about this magnificent adventure of life.  Here are some of my current allies.  I’d like to share them with you!

The Power of Now
, Eckhart Tolle.  Help for living day-to-day, quieting the reactive mind, freedom from the pain body.  I like to read a chapter at bedtime!
Adventures of A Western Mystic: Apprentice To The Masters & Search For A Guru, Peter Mt. Shasta.  An extremely readable 2-book adventure of spiritual evolution with many how-to’s.  The bibliography is great!
Jesus Lived In India, Holgar Kersten.  Blow your mind a little bit!  This describes Jesus as a healer, trained by Indian mystics 2000 years ago.  It also offers the possibility that he survived crucifixion and spent the rest of his days as a healer in the lands to the east of Israel.
The Book of Stones, Robert Simmons.  An authority on the many (and intriguing!) uses of crystals.

In The Magical Medicine Kit
4 homeopathic pellets Bioplasma a day (aka ‘cell salts’).  This helps with the typical symptoms of spiritual ascension, such as head-aches, fatigue, emotional rollercoaster, feeling ungrounded.  I recommend these for anyone on the spiritual path.  They truly make a difference in my daily life.
Essential Oils: Serenity blend (by Doterra) in the evening on the top of my head and bottoms of my feet for sleep. Lavender and Spearmint on my throat chakra each morning, and before treating clients.  This blend is ultra-supportive for clear and concise verbal expression (and smells like Wrigley’s spearmint gum!).
Tuning Forks.  This is one of my new passions.  I love clearing my energy field with a beautiful C note.  I’m also learning a lot about the sacred Solfeggio tones which are ancient keys to healing.  528 Hz (the MI tone) is the frequency of human DNA and listening to it can help support balance and healing.
Palo Santo.  This wood is deeply cleansing.  I burn it before and after a Healing Excavation.  I also use it in spray form for a quick clear.
My rocks!  I have a large collection of minerals and I cycle between different ones at different times in my life.  I highly recommend that my clients start their own collection.  You can go to a rock shop and simply purchase whatever appeals to you.  I am deep into danburite for heart healing at the moment.  I grab it whenever I wake in the night and can’t get back to sleep.  I’m also super-enjoying herkimer diamond during meditation.  My dead dog came for a visit the other day while I was meditating with this sweet stone.

Sensory deprivation, aka floating.  I spend an hour once a week floating in complete silence and darkness in a delicious bath of epsom salt.  (I frequent a center in Pasadena called Just Float).  I have had amazing experiences doing this practice — from wondrous past-life recalls, to a sense of deep relaxation, to the flashing of lights and colors in front of my face in pitch black darkness, to spirit visitations, to an increase of my clairvoyant capabilities.
Affirmation: Throughout the day, whenever I remember, I say “I AM” to remind myself that I am god essence, and draw attention to the energy of my heart.
Morning meditation.  Don’t make it a big whoop.  Just sit up in bed and breathe for a while.  Kyle Cease, an inspiring motivational speaker, told me, just say “cool” whenever a thought appears.  It’s so non-judgemental and more fun than labeling a thought “thought”.
Sending love … Donald Trump.  This is by far the hardest practice.  I don’t agree with his politics and find his behavior to be repugnant beyond belief.  By sending love, rather than hatred or contempt, I’m hoping to soften his heart, and heal some of the obvious wounding he received as a child and through his life.  I hope this will allow him to lead all americans with the highest intention, or at least with less vitriol.  Call me naive… but remember the scene in The Fifth Element when the home planet is threatened by a death star-type weapon.  When shot with bombs, it only increases in ferocity.  One negativity feeds the other.  The only way to diffuse the weapon is to send love and compassion.  I’d also like to cite one other example where love is the ultimate “weapon”….

I once took a meditation class from a woman whose first job as a psychic was assisting in exorcisms.  Pretty wild stuff!  She said that the primary protection and tool in this work was staying heart-centered.  This is not an easy thing to do in the presence of something most of us have only ever seen in movies (and thought was fictional).  Talk about one-minded focus!  Not only was she having her mind blown that this stuff was actually real, but she also had to set aside any and all fear to keep herself safe and help resolve the possession.   Peter Mt Shasta, in his book of adventures listed above, also talks about using love as the ultimate weapon against an unwanted other-worldly intruder who visits him one night.  Finally, the shaman with whom I work, always talks about focusing on the ‘sun of the heart’ and radiating its loving energy consistently regardless of the obstacles we face.

So, on that note…. I’m sending love and support!
Be well,