Crystals: Another Point of View

I want to share Guru Singh’s thoughts regarding crystals.

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Sat Nam Dear Ones-

Silicon crystal is a source of incredible usefulness on the Earth’s surface since the earliest volcanic rock flowed from the molten core. It’s the second most abundant trace mineral in the Earth’s crust — twenty-seven percent of average rock. It’s been a friend of humans for thousands of years. In its earliest usage it formed alloys out of metals; was then melted down to create glass; hourglasses were formed out of it to measure time’s passage, and glass lenses looked into and beyond time . . . through microscopes and telescopes. From the hourglass — in its earliest timekeeping — to right now where silicon microchips keep massive amounts of time in the data memories of history storage. Silicon links with oxygen, which makes up another fifty-five percent of the earth’s crust and atmosphere, to form the most common of minerals called silicates — silica — silicon dioxide — an essential part of your body’s flexible joints, vital skin, and strong nails, teeth, and bones. Quartz is a silicate made of pure silica, and it’s this quartz crystal — in nanoparticles — that produces the electromagnetic fields in all biological and botanical tissue. When you apply pressure to the tissue of an animal, or plant, you create a piezo-electric charge. This electricity — although a separate element from magnetism — is never found without it. Once a piezo-electric charge is produced, a magnetic field is formed around your body. This is the aura surrounding your life. Quartz crystal is the only mineral that reacts with this electric property. This was used in the first crystal radio sets, which gave way to vacuum tube radios, which gave way to transistor technology, which gave way to the microchip . . . a complete circle of silicon . . . a story told through the world of minerals that’s mimicking the circle of life. Our prayer is that the stories you tell through the crystals in your body, are the stories that advance these circles of evolution . . . great stories that circle out of this current human social cul-de-sac and into a more crystal clarity, which you have in you. 

Always with Sacred Love, Blessings, Prayer & Gratitude…
Sat Nam,