Whale Medicine… Wisdom from the Leviathan

Recently, I was curious about what a whale might have to say about global warming and what I could do as an individual to help heal the earth… so I asked!  Whales are highly intelligent and sensitive beings and I figured they’d have something insightful to say on the topic, especially since oceans, their home, are suffering the effects of global warming. It is really easy as a single person on this planet of hundreds of millions to feel powerless when confronted with the hell of climate denial and all it brings with it.  So, I went on a shamanic journey to find some answers and this is what I learned:

Whale Energy — the big beautiful archetype of all whales — told me to ‘clear my blowhole”.  That is, empty my head of extraneous thoughts, of anything that smacks of judgement, negativity, preconceived ideas, darkness.  Just blow it right out of my body through the top of my head!  If you’ve ever seen a whale exhale through its blowhole, you will understand how clearing this practice can be, and also what a funny metaphor this is.   Whale Energy made me laugh.

Image result for whale blowhole

She then asked me to dive deep into the abyss of the ocean, to the trench…that’s the deepest, darkest place on the ocean’s floor, and excavate my deepest, darkest places.  She suggested that when I found what I thought was my darkest of places, I should examine it, own it, and release it through my blowhole.  And then I must dig deeper.  And when I think I’ve come to the next darkest, deepest place, to dig again, and again, and again, holding each block of negativity up to the light.  She offered that we all have more dark places than we even realize, and that these places of inner conflict and dis-owning are actually reflected in the wider world above the water, as aspects of human conflict such as war, degradation of the environment, and the polarity of the current political situation in the US (to name a few).  Whale Energy explained that the dark places we see in our society are actually reflections of our unrecognized, unresolved personal places of darkness and pain.

While I do believe it’s important to recycle, to pick up trash on the shore’s edge, to speak of the scientific reality of climate change, of course!, I also think that I can make an even bigger difference in the world by exorcising my places of anger and hatred, of bias, of judgement, etc. etc.  Imagine if the whole world — or just a portion of the world population — made this a daily or weekly or occasional practice.  Wouldn’t living here be easier, smoother, less filled with “us vs them”, with road rage, with angry reaction and revenge, less tribalism, less dysfunction, less anger.  In a world like that the insanity of destroying our planet so some of us could get ‘rich’ to the detriment of the many would finally be seen as insane.

As a last piece of wisdom, Whale Energy asked me to connect to the living whales of our planet every time I visit the beach.  She asked me to look out at the vast blue of the ocean and recognize that this is the home of the whales, that “We are here.”  She suggested I greet the whales and send a piece of love their way. This is a powerful exercise, and one that I practice every time I see the ocean.  You are welcome to try it too!

With love