Some New Thoughts Regarding Past Lives

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How does it work!

I have done a significant amount of work on past lives, both with my clients and personally with a specially trained regression hypnotist.  Experiencing past life stories are consistently healing, bringing up hidden issues or pains and releasing them into consciousness.  I’m not 100% sure what they are, though, despite experiencing them and being healed on many levels by them.  Sometimes, I think they really are lives I’ve lived previously.  Other times, I think they are wonderful metaphors invented by the imagination to help people see their blind spots they otherwise can’t see in their current, every-day lives.  I have had many experiences with my clients where we are both able to see the same life as I gently guide them towards healing.  This often feels like validation that past lives are real.  But I am psychic.  Isn’t it just possible that I am simply tuning into their imaginings? Something to ponder.

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Feedback loop?

I have recently started to develop a new idea about past lives.  What if these lives are souls that are ‘hanging out in the atmosphere’ looking for a chance to heal and clear?  What if the resonance between a client’s current life struggles and the past life energy make them a perfect match for healing?  As an example, I recently saw a client* who has a phobia about falling from high places, and who struggles with neck and shoulder pain.  We were almost immediately guided into past life territory, to the life of a young pilot whose parachute became tangled around his neck and shoulders when he attempted to eject from his crashing plane.   My client could clearly see and feel the final terrifying moments of the pilot’s life.  She felt the physical pain in her neck heighten and then completely disappear.  She journeyed with the pilot through his transition from life to death, her heart filling with joy as she entered the tunnel of bright light.  I had no doubt the young soul of the pilot was freed in these magical moments.  My client looked happier and lighter, and has reported that her fear of heights has substantially lessened.  She told me that she often thinks of the pilot, of his life, of his death, of his emotions, and she feels buoyed by this connection, almost as if he is a guiding spirit for her.  The connection itself appears to be a source of great comfort and healing.

As a shaman, I have helped many stuck souls find their way to the ‘other field’ aka ‘heaven’.  Ushering a client through a past life death and transition feels very similar to this psychopomp work.  I have become very curious whether regression (as described above) is another form of psychopomp.

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I have also come across a rarer experience during past life work that I think is worth mentioning.  Twice in the few years I have been practicing healing professionally, I have found a past life soul actually stuck in someone’s present-day energy field.  It’s almost like an Escher drawing trying to understand how this convoluted relationship works between past life, current life, and the very physical and real cord in the here-and-now that is attaching them!   My lineage of shamans doesn’t have a concept of past-life.  They suggest it could be a parallel life energy that’s attached to a client’s field since time doesn’t exist in reality (how’s that for an Escher drawing!).  While this is interesting and confusing, I think it makes more sense to consider the past life as an energy that for some reason has become stuck to a client.  In both cases, as we delved into the past life experience, the attached energy played a big part in the past life drama.  Ok, let me give an example:

One client had been mauled by a tiger in a past life.  The tiger was attached to the client’s energy field in the here-and-now.  As we experienced the past life story together, we were able to detach and release the tiger energy.

In the other example, a client was imprisoned and never had the chance to see her lover again.  Her past life lover was stuck in her present-day field.  As we experienced the past life story, we were able to free him and help him transcend.  My client in this case felt much freer, too, after the session, and her romantic relationships have taken on deeper connection.

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How do I explain these stories?  Maybe my problem is that I’m trying to explain something that simply can’t be explained in human 3-d terms.  Our brains are too literal to see whatever the reality of these situations are.  So, regardless if past lives are ‘real’, if they’re simply metaphors, or stuck energy in someone’s energy field, it really might not matter.  It seems the proof is in the pudding when it comes to regression and healing.  I haven’t yet seen someone untouched emotionally by these deep and transformative experiences.



*(identifying characteristics and details have been changed in all the past life stories to protect privacy).