Light Language & Soul Songs

Energy presents in many ways.  I most typically think of energy as an invisible power source that flows through and around our bodies.  This energy can be our personal essence (or soul), it can be the essence of others, including those no longer in body or those never in body, such as angels or elementals or universal source.  Energy can  present as emotion.  It can be super visceral, such as passion or anger.  It can also  appear visually via sacred geometry and symbols.  There are many traditions that focus intensively on this visual vehicle for energy, such as the mandala of Tibetan Buddhism or the symbols used when activating reiki energy.  As I’ve begun to work with soul songs and light language, I see that energy can also present as sound.

A soul song is a specific and personalized harmonic that is heard intuitively and then vocalized during a healing.  Shaman practice uses soul song to clear and clean the energy field, and to empower the listener.  Indeed, I learned about soul song from a shaman with whom I’ve studied.  She uses this technology during every session, feeling that the song is a gift from higher source.  In her experience, soul song is actually channeled voices of helping and healing spirits, and she has surprised herself on many occasions when the voice she heard coming from her vocal chords was not her own.  In my experience, soul songs appear from the aether in relationship to the specific person and problem that is being healed.  I notice that when a soul song first appears, I can hear it reverberating through my brain, and I can feel an impulse in my throat.  It’s then up to me to open my mouth and allow it out!  (As a side note, I’ve always been terrified of singing in front of people, so soul song directs my own healing of self-acceptance, too, even as I use it to help other people).

I have witnessed past life trauma, childhood trauma, and beyond being fully cleared by clients who heard their soul song.  It is a beautiful and mysterious thing that I am still unraveling in my literal, critical mind.  I had been under the assumption that in order to clear trauma, it was necessary to bring the details of the experience to consciousness.  I now see that it is not always necessary.  Recently, a client sat on my couch and fully expelled numerous intrusions from her energy field simply from hearing her soul song.  As a psychic healer, I was able to see the details of the trauma she was expelling.  Ordinarily, I might talk to her about these details, but in her case, it was completely unnecessary.  She cleared her field completely of these old pains.

Light language appears to have the same effect.  Light language is a series of spoken sounds that don’t have literal meaning, and therefore bypass the critical mind.  In fact, I’ve noticed that light language tends to short-circuit the wiring of the left brain, leaving it temporarily closed for business, while, at the same time, bringing the right hemisphere into a state of super receptivity. Light language packs an enormous emotional punch, and I have witnessed many clients breaking into tears “for no reason” when they receive these sounds.  In some circles, light language is sometimes referred to as speaking in tongues.

I began to channel Light Language at the end of 2017.  It manifested for me during meditation, and I spent a lot of time using it for only personal practice.  I was a bit surprised by these unconventional sounds, and I had judgement about how it might be received by my clients, especially those who didn’t know me yet.  Light language is surprising, to say the least, and can be overwhelming if it’s not expected.  However, after channeling both light language and soul song repeatedly for my own benefit, I noticed that my work as a healer is clearer, more detailed, and more effective.  I notice that this energy clears not only emotional/spiritual detritus from my field, but actual virus or bacterial infection as well.  When I feel my body coming down with something, I channel these sounds and feel better very quickly.  I can’t explain it from the literal, left-sided place of my brain.  But I can say, experientially, these tones and sounds have a huge beneficial effect.

I believe that soul song and light language come from a high frequency source.  I can hear soul song intuitively before I sing it.  With light language, I simply open my channel and it flows into being.  Light language has been very helpful with moving stuck energy, dissolving dysfunctional attachments, and freeing client’s energetic resources.  Soul song clears and stregthens the field.  Most times, the soul song intermingles with light language so the listener receives all benefits at once.

Please listen to the tracks I’ve included (coming soon!) and see if you witness a shift in your own field.

Be well,