Rock of the Day: Lepidolite


I love lepidolite.  It has a sweet lilac color, a slightly bumpy texture, and a primary component of mood-stabilizing lithium.  It is an excellent stone for stress relief.  It is often recommended as a solution to sleep problems and anxiety.   It can be applied in a number of ways.

  1. Wearing a crystal allows for continual frequency resonance throughout the day. In the case of lepidolite, the frequency is relaxation.  I like to wear this big pendant when I’m doing something a little nerve wracking, such as going into an unfamiliar situation (i.e. public speaking, joining a new group, being interviewed).
    lepido 1
    lepidolite pendant

    Wearing crystals is not just for women!  My husband wears simple beaded bracelets that are understated and masculine.

  2. Sleeping with a lepidolite under the pillow can be supportive to the sleep and dream state.  I use a flat stone so it’s not too bumpy under my head.

    lepido 4
    adding a teddy bear never hurts!
  3. As an elixir, lepidolite can be taken internally for a deeper, more immediate, physical level of support.  I would bring a water bottle filled with such an elixir to a job interview or first date!

    A lepidolite polished stone and magnifier quartz diffused via a Pyrex test tube in spring water becomes a powerful elixir after steeping in the sunshine for an hour or so.
  4. My number one favorite thing to do with any crystal, is meditating with it.  Nothing helps the energy bodies hone in more effectively to the resonance of a specific crystal than meditating.  You don’t have to be fancy about your meditation (see this article for more detail!), simply sit in a quiet spot with your eyes closed and hold your lepidolite (or other rock ally).  Pay attention to any ideas, thoughts, feelings that emerge as you hold the crystal.  These minerals want to communicate with us. Isn’t that fun!  Talking rocks!  Well, it’s true.  And magical.  And real.  Give it a try!

In deep relaxation,