Rock of the Day: Charoite

Charoite bracelet and tumbled stone

I use charoite as an antidote to nightmares and for travel (sometimes the same thing!).  It is a great stone for weeding out what is real vs. what we fear is real.  In the case of travel, I worry that I’m gonna miss my flight it’s gonna crash I’m gonna sit next to someone who smells and has the flu I’m gonna lose my bags etc.  The reality is that my flight will get me there in one piece.   In the case of nightmares, my subconscious might dredge up any manner of darkness.  I don’t mind dealing with my dark places during sleep, but I don’t need them to hit me over the head in the form of Frankenstein (an oddly familiar nightmare presence for me).  Charoite under the pillow will keep these super negative images at bay while allowing me to process darker emotions productively.  I have a friend who tapes a small piece of charoite to her third eye when she is going through periods of difficult sleep.  Charoite combined with lithium quartz or lepidolite is an effective way to stay grounded in the moment without the stress or distraction of the what-ifs.

(As an aside, it’s one of the few stones I wear on my wrist during Healing Excavation.  It keeps me clear and focused no matter what emerges from a client’s energy field.  It also grounds the immense amount of high frequency energy channeling through my system during a healing session.)

And, by the way, charoite is purple.  Purple!  I am always amazed at the natural color of so many of the rocks produced by our magical earth, and the purple of charoite is truly mesmerizing.  A powerful stone for powerful work.

Keeping it real,