Psychic Seeing


There are many ways of seeing.  In fact, one of my favorite books is John Berger’s “Ways of Seeing”.  In it, he talks about subtext and meaning in fine art.   It certainly changed my way of seeing representations of our culture through the arts.  When we look with intention, we find more layers, some intended, some subconcious, some subversive, and some personal/subjective to the viewer.

People ask me often how I “see” during a Healing Excavation.  The answer is multidimensional, much like the work I’m doing!   When I was a young girl, I saw the spirits of deceased people (aka “ghosts”) with my normal vision.  These beings appeared in full 3-d human form, yet they glowed like they were lit from inside, and  I could see the ‘atoms’ that comprised their forms zipping around.  They looked like the static we used to get on our old TVs.


I stopped seeing these spirits with my ‘normal’ eyes after one too many nights with the covers over my head. (Ghosts used to appear in my bedroom doorway after the household had gone to sleep.  It was incredibly unnerving, and I decided I didn’t want to see these spirits anymore, so I didn’t.)  I sometimes think back to that time, and wonder how I would use those skills now.  Would I still hide under the bedcovers or would I do something more constructive.  A friend of mine who is a medium (and whose job it is to connect with dead people all the time!), says she prefers not to see with her physical eyes since it is uncomfortable to be unexpectedly joined by someone’s grandpa while brushing her teeth in the morning (spirit doesn’t seem to have a sense of appropriate time or place to materialize).  She also says it takes a lot of energy for a ghost to manifest in our 3-d world, and that it makes more sense for all involved if they connect energetically so they can communicate their messages via images and thoughts.

This brings me to the way I most often see now.   Information generally appears on a screen inside my head.  Everyone has this screen.  If you imagine your childhood home or the face of your friend, you’ll most likely see it on your own screen.

I also see what can be described as a “third eye projection” or “hologram”.  This means that I see a sort of overlay on our 3-day reality.  It’s like those old biology texts where the bottom page is a skeleton and then plastic overlays have details of musculature, circulation, etc.  It’s like seeing and not seeing at the same time, or seeing the invisible.  It takes a strong will and sense of self to see in this way, because the critical mind is more than happy to step in and proclaim a person off their rocker, or, at the very least, declare the images to be simple ‘imagination’.  (My critical mind loves to tell me that my clients think I am certifiable).   However, all of these images — be they seen on the internal screen, or as a projection — are distinct from imagination.  In my experience, my imaginings follow a story line or thread of thought — if I’m telling myself a story about a subject or an idea, the pictures that appear are contextual to my thought process.  Images that appear as part of psychic connection don’t have context, and literally pop into my head (or into the 3-d space) out of thin air.  They have a different texture and flavor than simple imaginings, and they have the essence of an external consciousness, not my own.


One of the first third eye projections I experienced was during my college years when I worked at the Minnesota Science Museum cataloguing Native American sacred artifacts for repatriation to the Lakota tribes.  I became quite aware, in the dark of the archives (located in the museum’s basement!), that there was a presence watching me from the corner of the room.  The more I tried to ignore him, the more I felt him, and, if I turned my eyes just the right way, I could see him too.  I was curious because he wasn’t manifesting in the internally-lit way as had the ghosts from my youth, but as a projection.  As I said above, he was both there, and not there, but I could describe his physical appearance exactly.    Over days, this presence moved closer to my work station and I became more uncomfortable . He was not generating welcoming energy my way.  In fact, he felt pretty menacing.   Soon, he was at my elbow and I debated calling in sick or quitting the gig altogether.  I had no idea how I would explain this to my supervisor.  However, at a certain point, maybe three weeks into the job, I couldn’t take it anymore and I left the archives and headed straight to the administrator’s office.  I explained that I wasn’t crazy but that I was seeing an Indian chief down in the archives and I was scared.  Dan seemed completely unfazed, which was a bit of a relief!, and said,

“Oh yes, that’s a protector spirit.  Just explain what you’re doing down there.  He’ll leave you alone.”
“You know about this stuff?” I asked.  I couldn’t believe this PhD-level anthropologist was taking my story seriously.
He nodded, and said, “We all do.”

This is one of my favorite stories of my early psychic development.  Not only was my experience validated, but, in a way, I was validated too.   I wasn’t a nut job.  I wasn’t the over-imaginative kid so many people called me as a child.  I was simply tuning into the wider reality around me.

This validation is so important as we navigate the images that appear in our minds or before us as holographic images.  I believe all people have psychic abilities and extrasensory perceptions, but they have no experience believing their eyes—they don’t believe what they see!  Take a few moments the next time an image suddenly pops into your mind.  Ask yourself whether the image is apropos to what you were just thinking or if it appeared out of blue sky.  I notice that psychic images most often appear (especially during the learning stages) when a person is ‘zoned out’ such as in a daydream and not thinking about anything.  Pay attention to your mental state the moment before the image appeared.  Then pay attention to your critical mind.  Does it immediately judge?  That’s another clue the image was not self-generated.   Finally, look at the image itself.  Is there information there?  Do you notice any other physical changes in your body such as tingling, ringing in ears, warmth, etc.  Do you notice any thoughts or words suddenly appearing?  Take notes and decide to believe your eyes.  You never know the adventures seeing and believing will take you on!

*And by the way, I did tell the protector spirit what I was doing in the archives and he backed way off.  I could still feel him watching me, but in a much more pleasant way.  In fact, by the end of the job, I felt sort of sad to leave him.  I wonder if he felt the same towards me.

“Ways of Seeing” by John Berger.

The paintings seen here are by the amazing surrealist, Rene Magritte.  He offers many ways of seeing reality.