Shaman Vs. Jet Lag

Jet lag is kind of a drag!  I have tried many remedies in my life to avoid the crushing exhaustion of jumping time zones.  These have included fasting, melatonin, earthing, ambien, and staying up all night before traveling, to name a few.  Honestly, none have really worked (although the seven days I spent getting on Italian time before traveling to Rome from LA came the closest — I got really good at waking up at 3am, reading the paper and hiking all before 6 am!).   I was intrigued when a shaman I was working with mentioned the importance of ‘calling in all soul parts‘ whenever traveling (and also, btw, after an injury or surgery).  She said we tend to leave parts of ourselves behind whenever we make a serious move.  This soul loss may present as homesickness or a vague yearning, melancholy, or heartache.  I kept this in mind the last time I crossed time zones from LA to London.  The 8-hour time change has always left me in a shambles during previous visits.  I figured I might as well see if the shaman’s approach of calling in soul parts could help me with jet lag.  Even if it didn’t work, it was better than using pharmaceuticals which for sure didn’t work and left me feeling gross.

I made sure to call to, and consolidate, all my soul parts when I got on the plane*. While doing this brief meditation, I received intelligence from higher guidance of further steps I needed to take to manage jet lag.  Not only was I supposed to call in my soul parts, but I also needed to ground into the earth before take-off, so I placed my feet flat on the floor of the plane and connected energetically to my location on the planet.  (The connection can feel like an electrical pulsation or circuit moving up from my feet into my body.  You might also feel a rush of energy or nurturing support, or an intuition of connectedness).  Once I connected, I told the planet I was planning to shift my location on earth and I would plug back in when I landed.  The entire process took about 4 minutes.

Immediately upon landing, I placed my feet flat on the airplane floor once again, and connected back into the planet.  I registered my presence at this new location and called in my soul parts.  It felt similar to the way we restart our iPhones when we visit new places.  The phone needs to reorient and plug into the local network in order to function properly.  It is the same with our bodies.

It seems to me that the planet wants to support us, but momentarily ‘loses’ us when we use an airplane to travel.  Maybe it’s because we literally sever our direct terrestrial connection at lift-off, or maybe it’s because we move across space so quickly without leaving a forwarding address.  For whatever reason, without the conscious practice described here, it takes a few days for our bodies and the planet to find each other again.  During those few days we are like zombies, attempting to use the operating/navigational system without the power source (or software) provided by the earth’s energetic grid.  This could be why jet lag is so overpowering and uncomfortable.  I always experience more from jet lag than just exhaustion — going through periods of sadness, loneliness, dark melancholy and beyond.

I flew between Los Angeles and London a few days ago with my five-year old and my  friend.  We all practiced this anti-jet lag regime and none of us had any jet lag whatsoever.  We weren’t even slightly fatigued after the 14 hour travel day.  It has been a true revelation.  It has made traveling so much easier.  Please try this technique and see how it works for you!

1. sit quietly and ‘call in your soul ‘parts’.*
2. place feet flat on the airplane floor and consciously connect to the earth.  You may feel a surge, tingle, knowingness, or calm energy come up through the bottoms of your feet.
3. let Earth know you will be leaving this location and will check in again when you arrive at your new location.

1. call in soul parts.
2. place feet flat on floor of plane and re-connect to the earth, letting Earth know that you have now landed and can be found in this new location/time zone.
3. ground often during the first one to two days.  Using bare feet on soil is best, but shoes are fine too, as long as you ground consciously.

That’s it…..and have fun!

*”I ask all parts of my soul/being/essence to come with me as I travel, leaving no part of myself behind.”