Soul Parts 101

Soul parts are aspects of the emotional body that can get separated from a person’s primary essence as a result of…..
1. leaving somewhere/someone reluctantly, not wanting to let go of someone
2. trauma (including physical injury)
3. changing locations without being conscious (such as being in a rush or being in anxiety)

All people have some level of soul loss since human life is full of sudden change, relocation, and trauma (big or small).  In my shamanic training, I found that even the ‘healthiest’ people emotionally still had some soul loss or separation.  Retrieving these lost parts is a main occupation of shamanism, and it is a beautiful reunion to witness.

People tend to feel more present and whole after experiencing soul retrieval — and with fewer sensations of heartache, yearning, regret, loneliness, and depression.  Bringing these parts together with a person’s main essence can help them to reach their goals more easily and to stop dwelling in the past, forgiving all manner of grudge or bad feeling.

I recently wrote an article about jet lag and the importance of calling in soul parts before setting off on an adventure.   With air travel, it is necessary to plug the physical/energetic body back into the earth’s grid upon arrival to help alleviate jet lag.  I liken this to rebooting an iPhone when arriving at a new place.  Calling in soul parts is like gathering up everything for the toiletry bag to pack in the suitcase.  Toiletry items always tend to get scattered when I’m somewhere for a while and it takes a conscious effort for me to find my toothbrush, my nail clippers, my hairband, my soap, etc etc and put them in one place.  I might not notice if I forget, say, my toothpaste, until I’m in my new location and I need it.  Then I have to make the conscious effort to find a pharmacy and buy a replacement.  It’s the same with soul parts.  If we don’t gather them up, we may notice at some point at our destination that we’re not functioning as well.  This may present as a sadness or loneliness or a homesick feeling.   If we call in the parts before we travel — like gathering our toiletries — we’ll be more comfortable on the other end.  In fact, we won’t even think about it!  Calling in soul parts before traveling really helps with getting to, and staying in, the present moment.  I have found that I think about home much less when I practice calling in my soul parts, and that I can enjoy my travel much more.

Finally, the shaman I learned from, spoke about calling in soul parts whenever she experiences a trauma* of any sort.  The soul can send off parts of itself when anything sudden and unwanted occurs to the physical body, such as injury, attack — or even an alarm clock in the middle of a dream!  The shaman explained it’s important to simply say “I call in all soul parts now” in cases like these.  It can help with healing, recovering and the lessening of any PTSD.  As an example, she fell off a ladder a few years ago and broke many of the bones in her body.  As she lay on the ground waiting for help (and in immense pain), she was able to call in her soul parts so that no aspect held the pain/trauma and got stuck in time.  This is a way of consciously processing pain in real time (not setting any of it aside).  She believes she healed quickly and without fear of climbing ladders afterwards.  (Often, people will be afraid to ‘get back in the saddle’ after an injury, and might even co-mingle portions of the traumatic experience.  So, that if the radio was on during the event, hearing the same song in the future would be a subconscious trigger.  The trigger might cause a cascade of anxiety.  The person wouldn’t even realize it was the song that caused the anxiety and might begin to consider and label themselves “anxious”.  They might seek professional help and receive a diagnosis of ‘unspecified anxiety’ and a prescription for pharmaceuticals.  Calling in soul parts, helps to process all aspects of the trauma and to blunt or lessen any co-created triggers).

I had the honor of treating a client whose brother had passed away over thirty years ago.  The client complained of difficulty in fostering deep love relationships for herself.  When I investigated the situation energetically, I saw that she and her brother were holding parts of one another’s souls.  I suggested that my client could love and remember her brother without holding on to his soul part.  It was actually taking up space where other, real-time relationships could occur.   As sometimes happens during Excavation, my client did not feel ready to let go, and decided to continue holding this part of her brother’s energy field.  “I am not ready to let go,” she told me.  “I don’t know what it would feel like to be without him.”  It is up to each of us to work at our own pace and comfort level.  She was still learning that letting go of her brother’s essence would not let go of the love she felt towards him.  In fact, letting go would allow both souls to thrive, flourish, and relate on a more functional (not dysfunctional) level.

It is not necessary to believe in “the soul” to benefit from calling in the soul parts.   Just as it’s not necessary to believe in gravity to step out of the way of a falling boulder.  It’s a simple law.  The more we work with consolidating our soul, the less struggle we may notice.

Be well!


*I define trauma as anything that happens to the body that isn’t expected and isn’t wanted.  This can run the gamut from serious abuse, rape or physical attack, to sudden bad news, to small startles such as a loud sound during deep concentration.  We tend to discount the smaller traumas that lodge in the physical body and emotional field.  However, they are just as uncomfortable as the larger traumas.  The subconscious, in my opinion, doesn’t delineate  between big and small occurrences.