Past Life Imprints

For a long time, I wasn’t sure there was such a thing as a ‘past life’.  My literal mind definitely got caught up in the logistics (and seeming impossibility) of it all.  However, past lives appear regularly during Healing Excavation and I’ve come to realize they are useful tools for releasing blockages and pain.  For quite a while, I would refer to past life recall as simply a metaphor that a client could use for healing in their lives today.  This allowed them to free their imagination and go with whatever emotion or body-symptom the re-telling of ‘the story’ would dredge up.  I saw many healings on this level.

At a certain point, as I got more used to working with past life energies, I started noticing attachments* from past lives showing up in the present day energy fields of many of my clients.  My literal mind got tangled up again as to how this could possibly be…..I’ve seen lots of attachments and intrusions in clients’ fields, but they typically are from experiences in this life.  The first time I saw an attachment in a client’s field from a past life, it pretty much blew my mind.  This person had been having difficulty finding a love partner. When we delved into healing this aspect of her experience, a past life sprang up immediately and, with it, I could see a young man corded* to her energy field.  Her past life lover was still somehow attached despite the passage of centuries and many intervening lives.  We worked with his soul –and hers– and decided to cut the cord between them.  I could see him immediately transition to the next field (aka heaven) in a ray of golden light.  It was very beautiful.  My client also felt the release and the space that opened up in that long-occupied spot.

Since that time, I have detached a number of past life energies from clients’ fields.  I don’t even pretend to understand how it all works, but I guess it does, because the attachments are most certainly there, and there are big differences once these attachments are removed.

There is also something I refer to as ‘an energetic imprint’ which is a trauma of some kind that is left in the energy field of a person, regardless of time period.  I have helped clients remove manacles from lives led as slaves, ropes from strangulation deaths,  wound imprints from fatal beatings.  Once the imprint is released, the person feels lighter, more grounded, more whole.  Often, clients tell me that their lives changed for the better after the session.  These past life imprints are simply blockages in the energy system.  It doesn’t seem to matter in which time period/life time they occurred.

I have recently been shown another piece of this fascinating puzzle — how an imprint is formed.  I was using mediumship skills with a client to communicate with her friend — we’ll call her Susan — who had died six months previous.  I noticed pretty quickly that Susan was having a hard time speaking or breathing.  My throat felt very uncomfortable like I needed to say something but couldn’t get it out.  I thought perhaps it was just me/my imagination or an inability to connect really clearly, but what was actually happening is that Susan had been intubated for the last three days of her life while in a coma, and unable to speak.  As I looked more closely, and honed in on the discomfort in my own throat (a mirror of Susan’s experience), I could see her energy was choosing to keep — or imprint — the intubation experience in her field.  I’m not sure why she was choosing this — maybe because she didn’t have a chance to process the experience while alive?  This seems quite possible to me — trauma needs to be processed in one way or another, and trauma as an end note doesn’t get that chance.  There were light beings with Susan — angels, ancestors — who were there to support her, but not to interfere with her free will.  I told her “We can help you process that trauma right now.  You don’t need to carry it with you.”  She agreed, and my client and I both visualized its release into golden light.  Once the intubation imprint was removed, the room felt lighter.  We could definitely feel Susan’s energy become more spacious and free.   If we hadn’t intervened, Susan’s energy would have held on to the imprint into her next cycles of existence.  Based on my experience with releasing imprints with my (living) clients, her intubation may have resulted in physical issues with her neck, breathing, or swallowing (to name a few); or may have become a deep seated fear of hospital rooms, doctors, or even laying on her back (which was the position she was in while intubated in the ER).  I felt honored that my client and I could help Susan release this blockage before she incarnated once again.

Since that time, I have seen a few other imprints in the energy fields of recently deceased loved ones, and, with their permission, have processed and removed them.  I suppose blockages are blockages!  The more we can keep our fields clear of negativities such as cords, attachments, negative thoughts, or imprints, the easier it will be to function both in this current life and future ones.  I believe that karma is the accumulation of these forms of blockage, and if our goal is to be karma-free so we can ascend and become spiritually free, then clearing blockages in whatever field we happen to be in is beneficial.

One thing I advise is for all people to free themselves today of any negativity and blockages by spending a few minutes in meditation and saying:

“I choose to release now any and all imprints, cords and hooks, and otherwise inappropriate energies from my system that are no longer helpful, beneficial or needed.”

It’s amazing what grounded intention can accomplish.


*attachments in a person’s energy field (aka aura) are stuck energy from an external source, such as a deceased loved one or habitual negative thought.

*cording is another way of describing a dysfunctional/co-dependent/enmeshed relationship.  It is called ‘cording’ because, to those who can see in this way, it is seen as an actual cord.  Also, interestingly, it is often attached in the energy field by a hook.  I have seen this hook many times, as have some of my clients.  Metaphysicians will sometimes refer to this form of attachment as “cords and hooks” for this reason.