Animal Past Lives

Ready feeling good.

Something interesting happened to me recently.  My dog, Ready, who so many of you have met, has been experiencing severe dermatitis around her lips and face for the past year or so.  In the past few months, it has gotten much worse, and I decided to book an appointment with a canine dermatologist.  I can only begin to describe the misery she was in: scabs around her lips, her right eye swollen from scratching, her muzzle hot pink with inflammation.  I was imagining the hard-core steroids the vet was going to administer….However, I canceled the appointment because I have discovered that past life healing works for animals too!  What a surprise!  I had no idea. This is what happened….

I was in my regular meditation a few mornings ago.  I have taken to meditating laying down in bed because I love using crystals on my body to go deeper (more on this in another post!).  So, there I was, covered in rocks, when Ready jumped up on the bed.  Now, everyone in my household — my husband, my child, and even the dog — know disturbing me during meditation is strictly verboten.  But there she was, pawing at me.  I gently pushed her away from me, but she continued nudging.  Finally, I gave in, and allowed my hand to rest on her body even though it was somewhat distracting to enter her energy field while I was deep in my own field.

Almost immediately, I began to get images on the screen inside my head (aka the third eye).  When I am working, doing an Excavation, I always know when a past life is coming into my consciousness.  It has a certain look, feel, and vibe about it, and the images always appear on the left side of my screen (deceased loved ones and angelic beings tend to be on the right side; current life, childhood are in the middle).  So, I recognized pretty quickly that I was entering this territory.  However, the image felt distinctly not mine.

I watched as an elaborately dressed Buddhist monk approached.  I felt shorter than him, as my point of view was looking upward.  The monk had a gentle face and I did not feel alarmed.  I waited, and watched for more information.  Very quickly another image supplanted the first one.  I could see a lovely, shallow golden bowl filled with water.  The monk was pouring this water almost as an offering, and it was at this point that I realized I was seeing one of Ready’s past lives.  I can’t say exactly how I knew.  I simply felt it.  I felt that I was a dog, having a dog experience.  I could see and know Ready’s life during that time.  She was what might be called a ‘temple dog’ or a stray who was cared for part-time by the monks.  She was free to come and go, and go she did, and often, to the town dump to forage for food.  I could feel what it was like for her to lay in the sun in the temple’s courtyard, and to be spoken to by the kind monks.  I felt she was very happy in this life.  However, on one of her trips into the city, ‘Ready’ ate something very bad, perhaps rat poison.  Its effects were immediate, painful and obvious, and there is no doubt it was fatal.   ‘Ready’ somehow returned to the temple to die.  The kind-faced monk poured her the water as an act of compassion, aware that she was dying, and hoping to offer some comfort in her last moments.

However, from ‘Ready’s’ point of view, it was the water that killed her, not the poison, because the water was the last thing she ingested before passing away.  This belief — that she had been betrayed by her friend, the monk — left an unprocessed trauma imprint in Ready’s soul.  This was now manifesting in this life as the sores on her lips and muzzle.

Once I viewed this past life drama a few times, I psychically connected with Ready and let her know she could release the story of betrayal.  She didn’t need to suffer the symptoms of poisoning anymore.  I explained the monk had been trying to ease her pain with a sip of water.  I spoke this truth to Ready out loud, as well, telling her, “You can let go of all of that now.  You don’t need to relive that pain anymore.”  I channeled some loving, supportive energy into her system and imagined her trauma blowing away like dark smoke from her body and in its place I intentioned golden light.

I didn’t think much of this experience (believe it or not!) until I noticed Ready’s sores were suddenly disappearing.  I hadn’t given her any new medicine, hadn’t changed her diet.  I had simply shifted her energetic field by accessing this past life trauma imprint.  Within 24 hours it was obvious she was healing.  After four days, the sores were completely gone.  I even cancelled the vet’s appointment because there was nothing for the doctor to exam.

I have read that children and animals are very receptive to energy shifts and their physical bodies heal quite quickly once their fields have been ‘righted.’  I think this points to some wonderful conclusions for the rest of us adults!  Past life work can have the same effect on our realities as it does for children and animals.  We just have to be a bit more patient due to the fact that adult bodies shift more slowly.  We’ve had many, many years of living and navigating our past life trauma imprints.  It takes a while for our physical to catch up to our new energetic awareness of freedom and space.

I always say that dogs are given to us by loving source as teachers, a source of emotional support, and as friends.  It’s no mistake that dog is god backwards!