I love to source high-grade minerals for my clients. I have a number of sources and can obtain rocks at wholesale (or close to wholesale) which allows me to keep my prices lower than retail. Each stone is cleared, charged, and infused with reiki energy before heading your way. New stones are added daily, so be sure to check back often! Contact me directly to purchase a stone.

THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: pair high frequency stones (such as tektites, ametrine, phenacite) with grounding stones (such as bronzite, tourmaline, red quartz, peach selenite). This will allow you to fly even higher while staying solidly anchored in the physical form. It’s the only way to ‘fly’!


I discovered a small trove of this high velocity ametrine in a shop basement, quite by accident. These ametrines had been stored in a bucket for 40 years and forgotten. Apparently they came from the estate of a successful Beverly Hills jeweler who would travel the world in the 1940s collecting minerals to fashion into gems. These ametrine are particularly buzzy. Wonderful for connecting to aspirations and helping them come to fruition. The color variation moves from deep purple to canary yellow to root beer. Limited supply. Pairs $15 – $40 depending on weight. High frequency, upper chakras.


Darwin Glass is a tektite found in Tasmania. Tektites are marvelous minerals — the remnants of ancient meteors that crash-landed on earth. They are actually a form of glass created when the meteor melted as it hit our atmosphere and then hardened into a semi-opaque glass as it cooled. All tektites carry the frequency of outer space and hence are great allies in the bridge between humanity and other-dimensional beings. Because these tektites are found in Australia, they also create access to aboriginal wisdom. Darwin glass is great for clearing up blockages in the energy system. Tektites tend to be super buzzy, high frequency minerals, and Darwin glass is no exception. All tektites are rare, as there is a limited supply, and fewer are found each year. $25 each. High frequency, upper chakras.


Moldavite is an out-of-this world mineral. A super-buzzy tektite that crash landed 14 million years ago in Czech Republic, they are a brilliant green. This is often the first rock that crystal newbies can actually feel. Moldavite creates a strong tingle in the hands and on the crown chakra. Like all tektites, they carry the frequency of space and can open channels to communication with other-dimensional beings. I have a limited supply. $40-$65 per piece. High frequency, upper chakras.


Oh, Libyan tektite, how I love you! I have six high-grade pieces of this mineral, also known as Libyan desert glass. The piece shown above has inclusions of cristobalite. The others are pure golden tone. Libyan tektite is a powerful third chakra stone ideal for empowerment, manifestation, abundance, and boundaries. I wear a piece of Libyan tektite every day to keep my field clean and empowered. Negativity cannot find a foothold when this mineral is in the auric field. It’s truly an amazing stone. Absolutely one of my favorites. Limited quantity. $75-$180 each, depending on weight. High frequency, upper chakras, particularly 3rd chakra

family constellation
generator rod

I purchased this small collection of snowcap quartz from a private estate. These snowcaps were sourced in the 1970s and haven’t been on the market since. They are remarkably soothing and calming stones. Lovely for the entire energy field as well as the emotional and physical bodies. They are quiet, understated minerals (not like the super buzzy tektites described above!). Snowcaps are identified by their mountaintop-like appearance with multiple terminations and a cloudiness at their apexes. I have a few group constellations (for resolving challenges in relationship), in addition to generator rods (for personal work). limited supply $50-$125 based on weight. Relaxing, grounding, a balm for the upper chakras, particularly the heart chakra.


I love love love dumorteirite. It opens the third eye and intuition while keeping a person grounded! So often, we want to stimulate the upper chakras but forget to keep ourselves grounded in our bodies, which is the safest way to ‘fly’. This large piece of dumorteirite is so juicy and blue. It can be held in the hand, placed on the torso, or above the head for meditation. One available $40. High frequency, yet grounding, all chakras, particularly 4-7


These river washed carnelian are so smooth and cooling. I like to meditate with these one in each hand to bring balance and calm to my system. Carnelian is a lovely, soothing stone to ease the second chakra — the place where we store a lot of trauma and day-to-day anxieties. Carnelian is also a stone for creativity and problem solving, and can bring revitalizing energy to the body. Limited supply $20/pair Grounding, 2 chakra


These moonstones are from my collection. The top one has lots of pretty iridescence. Robert Simmons of The Book of Stones says, “Moonstone is the gem of the high priestess, keeper of feminine mysteries. In its reflected light we can project and thereby observe the hidden truths that reside in the depths of ourselves, out of the light of consciousness.” Moonstone can help us tune into the ebb and flow of life, into the divine feminine and hidden parts of ourselves. $8 each. Relaxing, promotes insights, upper chakras, particularly 4th and 6th


Petrified wood is a great mineral for centering and grounding and calling in the power of the forests. I am a big fan of this wonderful form of quartz (once wood and now, after being agatized, a member of the quartz family). Petrified wood supports: steady growth, a strong body, past-life recall, and inner peace. I’ve been especially craving petrified wood during the challenging times of 2020. limited supply $8 each. Grounding. 1st, 2nd chakras


Septaria is a combination of aragonite, calcite, and limestone, making it a jolly ambassador of the natural world. They look like dragon eggs. Indigenous wisdom call these “quiet stones” as they bring the soothing frequency of nature to our fields. Septaria is a great meditation stone — it quiets the mind and body quickly — and allows us to open to bigger truths. $10/each limited supply. Grounding, 1st and 2nd chakras


This beautiful amethyst cathedral quartz is interesting to look at for its many terminations and variation in opacity and color. Amethyst is an ideal stone for the crown chakra, directing energy between the individual physical body and spirit realms. Roberts Simmons of “Book of Stones,” writes: “cathedral quartz are among the richest of the information bearing stones in the mineral kingdom. They have been programmed by spirit entities to make it possible for human beings to access the necessary knowledge for raising their vibrational frequencies and evolving into the next level of existence….one can go into meditation and access the crystal’s internal library of programmed information.” This stone is from my personal collection. $110 SOLD


This large specimen is the last piece of lithium quartz from a very vibey set of pieces sourced from a lithium-rich vein in Brazil. Lithium gas (the same stuff used in psychopharmacology), is trapped within the quartz crystal, making these stones incredibly relaxing to hold. I bought a bunch of these – at first thinking I needed to have one in every room in the house! — instant chill — but eventually began to disperse them one at a time to friends and clients. I use mine to relax at night, to encourage a good night of sleep, and to simply hold when I’m meditating or in need a break. Lithium quartz is excellent for anyone dealing with anxiety, sleep issues, or other worries. $175. A soothing balm for the entire system. All chakras.


This sweet Mongolian quartz cluster looks like a gnome to me. It’s filled with the energy of nature. Mongolian quartz is a stone of emotional healing and support, and has a very different frequency from quartz found in other locations. Mongolia has a long history of shamanism among its indigenous people and I like to think each stone encapsulates some of that story & experience. Quartz from Mongolia has only been accessed and brought to market since 2013 so its considered ‘a new stone for this age.’ This piece is included with pink calcite and its cluster of points forms a family constellation, so it’s extra supportive for harmonious group dynamics. $95 from my personal collection. SOLD


These smaller pieces of dumorteirite are perfect for placing on the third eye during meditation. Dumorteirite opens intuition and grounds the physical body. Dumorteirite is an antidote to anyone who flies too high and/or leaves the body during metaphysical work. It’s important we always maintain our physical presence even on the wildest etheric adventures. I always use a piece of this beautiful blue stone during meditation and healing work. $8 each. Grounding and opening, upper chakras


I was unfamiliar with white aventurine until being introduced to it by an indigenous wisdom keeper in Topanga. It is thought to be a stone of ‘the new self’, opening up new ways of being. In our culture, we tend to conform to accepted ideas, but beneath this conformity often lies novel ideas and sacred thoughts. Aventurine allows us to access these truths, like a mirror to the soul. These stones have a sweet sparkle (created by the mica inclusions within) that can be seen by looking closely and paying attention. This is the sparkle we each keep within as well. $8 each. A soft instigator of self-investigation. 4th chakra, 6th chakra


Mahogany bronzite is a wonderful protective grounding stone. It pairs wonderfully with the super-high frequency stones, such as tektites and phenacite. It keeps us solidly grounded in the here and now, and adds a layer of protection to our auric field. I’m a big fan and use this stone religiously when I fly high. $8 each. Grounding, 1st and 2nd chakras.