I love to source high-grade & unusual minerals for my clients. I have a number of sources and can obtain rocks at wholesale (or close to wholesale) which allows me to keep my prices lower than retail. Each stone is cleared, charged, and infused with reiki energy before heading your way. I list here only a fraction of the crystals I have available for sale, so please get in touch if you’re looking for something specific and don’t see it here! Contact me directly to purchase a stone.


Custom crystal ‘prescription’. This is perfect for anyone who is just learning about rocks or who is beginning to build their collection. There are thousands of rocks in the mineral world, and this approach makes it easier to use the beneficial frequency of stones without being a specialist. Lizzy will customize rocks for your specific needs and place them in a glass bottle. The bottle can then placed on the body in the area of need or held during meditation (or kept in a pocket or used for making an elixir — so many uses!). Glass is conductive to gem frequencies so there’s never a need to open it or empty it. Order one bottle, or an entire set. Prices depend on rocks used. Please email for more information!


Petalite is a lovely heart stone that emanates a gentle, supportive frequency. It is great for accessing self-love and letting go of old wounds and heartache. Slightly pink in color, these stones have a high magnesium content and are very relaxing to the physical body. They can help us get a good night of sleep when tucked into the pillow case! $12/each. Calming, nurturing. Heart chakra.


These brilliant green peridot gem stones are wonderful for abundance. They are a powerful ally when used in a grid in the Feng Shui corner for abundance. (I booked a month’s worth of appointments within hours of setting up a peridot abundance grid in my healing space!) For sale here are a few possibilities: larger stones for use in grids or as jewelry; or bottles of smaller peridot chips that can be held over the heart during meditation or used to make elixirs. The bottles can be opened and the individual pieces used in a grid too! Peridot gem pieces $6 each. Small bottle $6. Large bottle $10. Exhilarating. Flowing with abundance. Heart chakra.


Ussingites are amazing, rare stones that look like pieces of gravel — very boring. No sparkle or shine…..well, until you actually hold one and then it’s rocket ships to the cosmos. Ussingites create a durable and real bridge to the higher frequencies. I have discovered myself in deep conversations with ‘the other side’ while meditating with ussingites. Many of my students have had similar experiences. I highly recommend these stones for people who are on the spiritual path and interested in exploring the depths of connection with spirit. $15 each. High frequency. Upper chakras, especially crown.


These pieces of Mexican tektite are super buzzy super fun stones that palpably connect us to ET frequencies and the wisdom of the cosmos. Their vibration is easily felt in the hands — a tingly sensation flows through the arms and into the head. They are very fun to meditate with (and play with!). Pairs $36, singleton $16. High frequency. Upper chakras.


Hot pink or deep red, rhodonite crystals are a feast for the eyes! I love these stones. They are wonderful heart stones — something to give a lover or a friend. Its manganese content makes it a useful stone for healing old emotional wounds. Simply placing this crystal on the heart center and breathing for a few minutes is a relaxing and opening experience. $14/each. Relaxing, opening, nurturing. Heart chakra.


Auralite 23 is a rare stone that connects us to the higher frequencies in the cosmos. It can create a lightness or buzz in the head and open us to non-ordinary experiences of ascension. Auralite 23, along with tektites, phenacite, ussingites, and azeztulites, are must-haves for anyone building a high frequency collection of minerals. $8 each. High frequency. Upper chakras.


I discovered a small trove of this high velocity ametrine in a shop basement, quite by accident. These ametrines had been stored in a bucket for 40 years and forgotten. Apparently they came from the estate of a successful Beverly Hills jeweler who would travel the world in the 1940s collecting minerals to fashion into gems. These ametrine are particularly buzzy. Wonderful for connecting to aspirations and helping them come to fruition. The color variation moves from deep purple to canary yellow to root beer. Limited supply. Pairs $15 – $40 depending on weight. High frequency, upper chakras.


Girasol Opal opens lines of communication and is a great stone for addressing blockage in the throat chakra. It can be used for channeling, creativity, shamanic journeying, and hearing the truth of your soul. $8 each. Clearing & balancing. Throat, third eye, crown chakras.


Lithium quartz is extremely soothing and useful to anyone dealing with anxiety. It provides an almost instant balm for the entire nervous system. I use lithium to meditate and to sleep. This pretty pendant can be worn all day to provide continuous soothing energy to the system. $48. Soothing & calming. Heart chakra. Crystal in sterling silver mount.


I have been recently working with the energetics of the vertebrae, unlocking trauma and forgotten gifts that are typically kept tight inside the energetic and physical structure of the spine. So I was very drawn to these fossilized whale vertebrae and curious if they would support this special work I have embarked upon. Indeed, sitting quietly with this mineral, I can feel energy surging through my own spine, and, more importantly, vibrating in the spots where I have stuck places. Others have felt this frequency from these fossils. $22. Clearing & energizing. All chakras.


Indigo gabro, also known as mystic merlinite, is an adaptogen mineral so it never needs to be cleared and is an ideal stone for clearing other crystals of redundant energy. It expands consciousness and assists in fully seeing and integrating ourselves, light and dark. It helps us release trauma from this incarnation as well as past lives; and helps us accept ourselves as we are. $65. Clearing, protective. All chakras.


Fulgurite is created when lightning strikes sand. The impact is so powerful that the sand at the center vaporizes, and, along the edges, melts. It hardens into the forms you see here. Needless to say, these little tubes carry the high frequency of lightning, and the impact of nature’s power and creativity. Simply holding a fulgurite fills the body with an almost static electricity and the sense of possibility and excitement. They are amazing manifestation “stones” and act as magnifiers of intention. Use fulgurites to energize new projects, artistic expression and your heart’s desire. To me, fulgurites are little miracles, and one of my favorite minerals to work with! $10 each. High frequency. Invigorating. All chakras.


Darwin Glass is a tektite found in Tasmania. Tektites are marvelous minerals — the remnants of ancient meteors that crash-landed on earth. They are actually a form of glass created when the meteor melted as it hit our atmosphere and then hardened into a semi-opaque glass as it cooled. All tektites carry the frequency of outer space and hence are great allies in the bridge between humanity and other-dimensional beings. Because these tektites are found in Australia, they also create access to aboriginal wisdom. Darwin glass is great for clearing up blockages in the energy system. Tektites tend to be super buzzy, high frequency minerals, and Darwin glass is no exception. All tektites are rare, as there is a limited supply, and fewer are found each year. $25 each. High frequency, upper chakras.


Hiddenite is the term for green kunzite, a heart stone extraordinaire. Hiddenite works to heal the heart and psyche of old hidden wounds, ones we may not even be aware of. A piece of this sweet stone on the heart during meditation can help excavate the injured parts of ourselves and expose them to the light for release and integration. These darling pieces are small but powerful heart support. $10 each. Clearing. Heart chakra.


I purchased this small collection of snowcap quartz from a private estate. These snowcaps were sourced in the 1970s and haven’t been on the market since. They are remarkably soothing and calming stones. Lovely for the entire energy field as well as the emotional and physical bodies. They are quiet, understated minerals (not like the super buzzy tektites described above!). Snowcaps are identified by their mountaintop-like appearance with multiple terminations and a cloudiness at their apexes. I have a few group constellations (for resolving challenges in relationship), in addition to generator rods (for personal work). limited supply $50-$125 based on weight. Relaxing, grounding, a balm for the upper chakras, particularly the heart chakra.


This large specimen is the last piece of lithium quartz from a very vibey set of pieces sourced from a lithium-rich vein in Brazil. Lithium gas (the same stuff used in psychopharmacology), is trapped within the quartz crystal, making these stones incredibly relaxing to hold. I bought a bunch of these – at first thinking I needed to have one in every room in the house! — instant chill — but eventually began to disperse them one at a time to friends and clients. I use mine to relax at night, to encourage a good night of sleep, and to simply hold when I’m meditating or in need a break. Lithium quartz is excellent for anyone dealing with anxiety, sleep issues, or other worries. $175. A soothing balm for the entire system. All chakras.


Gemmy Dumorteirite in quartz are so pretty. Place on your third eye to stimulate and open the pineal gland, the gate of inner vision. $20. Opening. Third eye.


Amblygonite crystals clear the third chakra, percolating energy through this center of empowerment and opening the way for ever more powerful waves of energy to travel through the meridian system. The first time I used an amblygonite in this way, I heard and felt a pop at my solar plexus, and then a crazy rush of energy. I swear by this stone to get things moving if I’m feeling disempowered or low. $8 each. Clearing & energizing. 3rd chakra.