Rock of the Day: Lepidolite

5 Apr


I love lepidolite.  It has a sweet lilac color, a slightly bumpy texture, and a primary component of mood-stabilizing lithium.  It is an excellent stone for stress relief.  It is often recommended as a solution to sleep problems and anxiety.   It can be applied in a number of ways.

  1. Wearing a crystal allows for continual frequency resonance throughout the day. In the case of lepidolite, the frequency is relaxation.  I like to wear this big pendant when I’m doing something a little nerve wracking, such as going into an unfamiliar situation (i.e. public speaking, joining a new group, being interviewed).
    lepido 1

    lepidolite pendant

    Wearing crystals is not just for women!  My husband wears simple beaded bracelets that are understated and masculine.

  2. Sleeping with a lepidolite under the pillow can be supportive to the sleep and dream state.  I use a flat stone so it’s not too bumpy under my head.

    lepido 4

    adding a teddy bear never hurts!

  3. As an elixir, lepidolite can be taken internally for a deeper, more immediate, physical level of support.  I would bring a water bottle filled with such an elixir to a job interview or first date!


    A lepidolite polished stone and magnifier quartz diffused via a Pyrex test tube in spring water becomes a powerful elixir after steeping in the sunshine for an hour or so.

  4. My number one favorite thing to do with any crystal, is meditating with it.  Nothing helps the energy bodies hone in more effectively to the resonance of a specific crystal than meditating.  You don’t have to be fancy about your meditation (see this article for more detail!), simply sit in a quiet spot with your eyes closed and hold your lepidolite (or other rock ally).  Pay attention to any ideas, thoughts, feelings that emerge as you hold the crystal.  These minerals want to communicate with us. Isn’t that fun!  Talking rocks!  Well, it’s true.  And magical.  And real.  Give it a try!

In deep relaxation,

Light Language & Soul Songs

1 Apr

Energy presents in many ways.  I most typically think of energy as an invisible power source that flows through and around our bodies.  This energy can be our personal essence (or soul), it can be the essence of others, including those no longer in body or those never in body, such as angels or elementals or universal source.  Energy can  present as emotion.  It can be super visceral, such as passion or anger.  It can also  appear visually via sacred geometry and symbols.  There are many traditions that focus intensively on this visual vehicle for energy, such as the mandala of Tibetan Buddhism or the symbols used when activating reiki energy.  As I’ve begun to work with soul songs and light language, I see that energy can also present as sound.

A soul song is a specific and personalized harmonic that is heard intuitively and then vocalized during a healing.  Shaman practice uses soul song to clear and clean the energy field, and to empower the listener.  Indeed, I learned about soul song from a shaman with whom I’ve studied.  She uses this technology during every session, feeling that the song is a gift from higher source.  In her experience, soul song is actually channeled voices of helping and healing spirits, and she has surprised herself on many occasions when the voice she heard coming from her vocal chords was not her own.  In my experience, soul songs appear from the aether in relationship to the specific person and problem that is being healed.  I notice that when a soul song first appears, I can hear it reverberating through my brain, and I can feel an impulse in my throat.  It’s then up to me to open my mouth and allow it out!  (As a side note, I’ve always been terrified of singing in front of people, so soul song directs my own healing of self-acceptance, too, even as I use it to help other people).

I have witnessed past life trauma, childhood trauma, and beyond being fully cleared by clients who heard their soul song.  It is a beautiful and mysterious thing that I am still unraveling in my literal, critical mind.  I had been under the assumption that in order to clear trauma, it was necessary to bring the details of the experience to consciousness.  I now see that it is not always necessary.  Recently, a client sat on my couch and fully expelled numerous intrusions from her energy field simply from hearing her soul song.  As a psychic healer, I was able to see the details of the trauma she was expelling.  Ordinarily, I might talk to her about these details, but in her case, it was completely unnecessary.  She cleared her field completely of these old pains.

Light language appears to have the same effect.  Light language is a series of spoken sounds that don’t have literal meaning, and therefore bypass the critical mind.  In fact, I’ve noticed that light language tends to short-circuit the wiring of the left brain, leaving it temporarily closed for business, while, at the same time, bringing the right hemisphere into a state of super receptivity. Light language packs an enormous emotional punch, and I have witnessed many clients breaking into tears “for no reason” when they receive these sounds.  In some circles, light language is sometimes referred to as speaking in tongues.

I began to channel Light Language at the end of 2017.  It manifested for me during meditation, and I spent a lot of time using it for only personal practice.  I was a bit surprised by these unconventional sounds, and I had judgement about how it might be received by my clients, especially those who didn’t know me yet.  Light language is surprising, to say the least, and can be overwhelming if it’s not expected.  However, after channeling both light language and soul song repeatedly for my own benefit, I noticed that my work as a healer is clearer, more detailed, and more effective.  I notice that this energy clears not only emotional/spiritual detritus from my field, but actual virus or bacterial infection as well.  When I feel my body coming down with something, I channel these sounds and feel better very quickly.  I can’t explain it from the literal, left-sided place of my brain.  But I can say, experientially, these tones and sounds have a huge beneficial effect.

I believe that soul song and light language come from a high frequency source.  I can hear soul song intuitively before I sing it.  With light language, I simply open my channel and it flows into being.  Light language has been very helpful with moving stuck energy, dissolving dysfunctional attachments, and freeing client’s energetic resources.  Soul song clears and stregthens the field.  Most times, the soul song intermingles with light language so the listener receives all benefits at once.

Please listen to the tracks I’ve included (coming soon!) and see if you witness a shift in your own field.

Be well,


Some New Thoughts Regarding Past Lives

9 Mar
escher 2

How does it work!

I have done a significant amount of work on past lives, both with my clients and personally with a specially trained regression hypnotist.  Experiencing past life stories are consistently healing, bringing up hidden issues or pains and releasing them into consciousness.  I’m not 100% sure what they are, though, despite experiencing them and being healed on many levels by them.  Sometimes, I think they really are lives I’ve lived previously.  Other times, I think they are wonderful metaphors invented by the imagination to help people see their blind spots they otherwise can’t see in their current, every-day lives.  I have had many experiences with my clients where we are both able to see the same life as I gently guide them towards healing.  This often feels like validation that past lives are real.  But I am psychic.  Isn’t it just possible that I am simply tuning into their imaginings? Something to ponder.

escher 5

Feedback loop?

I have recently started to develop a new idea about past lives.  What if these lives are souls that are ‘hanging out in the atmosphere’ looking for a chance to heal and clear?  What if the resonance between a client’s current life struggles and the past life energy make them a perfect match for healing?  As an example, I recently saw a client* who has a phobia about falling from high places, and who struggles with neck and shoulder pain.  We were almost immediately guided into past life territory, to the life of a young pilot whose parachute became tangled around his neck and shoulders when he attempted to eject from his crashing plane.   My client could clearly see and feel the final terrifying moments of the pilot’s life.  She felt the physical pain in her neck heighten and then completely disappear.  She journeyed with the pilot through his transition from life to death, her heart filling with joy as she entered the tunnel of bright light.  I had no doubt the young soul of the pilot was freed in these magical moments.  My client looked happier and lighter, and has reported that her fear of heights has substantially lessened.  She told me that she often thinks of the pilot, of his life, of his death, of his emotions, and she feels buoyed by this connection, almost as if he is a guiding spirit for her.  The connection itself appears to be a source of great comfort and healing.

As a shaman, I have helped many stuck souls find their way to the ‘other field’ aka ‘heaven’.  Ushering a client through a past life death and transition feels very similar to this psychopomp work.  I have become very curious whether regression (as described above) is another form of psychopomp.

escher 4

I have also come across a rarer experience during past life work that I think is worth mentioning.  Twice in the few years I have been practicing healing professionally, I have found a past life soul actually stuck in someone’s present-day energy field.  It’s almost like an Escher drawing trying to understand how this convoluted relationship works between past life, current life, and the very physical and real cord in the here-and-now that is attaching them!   My lineage of shamans doesn’t have a concept of past-life.  They suggest it could be a parallel life energy that’s attached to a client’s field since time doesn’t exist in reality (how’s that for an Escher drawing!).  While this is interesting and confusing, I think it makes more sense to consider the past life as an energy that for some reason has become stuck to a client.  In both cases, as we delved into the past life experience, the attached energy played a big part in the past life drama.  Ok, let me give an example:

One client had been mauled by a tiger in a past life.  The tiger was attached to the client’s energy field in the here-and-now.  As we experienced the past life story together, we were able to detach and release the tiger energy.

In the other example, a client was imprisoned and never had the chance to see her lover again.  Her past life lover was stuck in her present-day field.  As we experienced the past life story, we were able to free him and help him transcend.  My client in this case felt much freer, too, after the session, and her romantic relationships have taken on deeper connection.

escher 3

How do I explain these stories?  Maybe my problem is that I’m trying to explain something that simply can’t be explained in human 3-d terms.  Our brains are too literal to see whatever the reality of these situations are.  So, regardless if past lives are ‘real’, if they’re simply metaphors, or stuck energy in someone’s energy field, it really might not matter.  It seems the proof is in the pudding when it comes to regression and healing.  I haven’t yet seen someone untouched emotionally by these deep and transformative experiences.



*(identifying characteristics and details have been changed in all the past life stories to protect privacy).

Are Dead People Creepy?

8 Mar

I had dinner with a new friend last night who was curious about my work.  I’m never quite sure how to describe my profession (am I a psychic?  a medium? an energy channel? a shaman?).  One dear friend calls me the “magical unicorn” but this still doesn’t fully describe (beyond a delicious feeling) the work.  I tend to think of myself as a ‘medicine woman’ but that also does not describe the Excavation process. So I set about explaining that I plug into a client’s energy field and identify what needs to be revealed and released for their highest good and healing.  She looked somewhat flummoxed, so I tried again, describing the energy I might come across during a session, such as a stuck childhood memory or trauma, the details of a family relationship, messages from angels or deceased loved ones…

“That’s creepy!” she said.

This response truly surprised me since I don’t think they are creepy at all —we certainly had a different perception of dead people.  I think this is typical.  Many people are afraid of ghosts and things that bump in the night.  The first time I saw a physical apparition, when I was about 12, I definitely hid under the covers (although what a blanket was going to do to protect me, I don’t know!).  It seems the main thing that people are afraid of is the unknown.  We don’t have a lot of support in our culture to understand dying, the soul, and ‘dead people.’  We aren’t taught much about the next energy field and how it all might work.  I grew up in a liberal christian church that talked about ‘heaven’ and ‘the soul’.  Somehow, the soul migrated to a place called heaven, which was, I assumed, somewhere up in the sky amid pink clouds.  Beyond that, I didn’t really get it, and I was as afraid as anyone about dying and no longer having my body.

My father’s opinion was that when we die, we live in the hearts and memories of the ones left behind.  He also said we live in the plants that take root in the decomposition of our bodies.  Soul?  Not so much.  “I just don’t know, Lizzy.  Now how about we watch some baseball?”

There weren’t a lot of people I could talk to about this stuff, and when I tried to explain the apparitions that appeared in my bedroom doorway at night (I assume looking for some assistance that I wasn’t capable of offering at that time), I was told I had a wonderful, vivid imagination.  I was told that highly creative people are more likely to have hypnogogic hallucinations.  So, I watched a lot of scary movies and read tons of books about ghosts hoping to find some answers.  They mostly scared me and I felt more confused than ever about this stuff.  I took courage in the fact that the church I went to every Sunday talked about the holy ghost and I listened with keen interest to the story of Jesus’ death and his subsequent (ghostly?) appearances around Jerusalem.

I suppose I spent a lot of time in those days being scared of ghosts and dead people.  Mass media isn’t exactly level-headed when it comes to the topic (hello, “Poltergeist,”  “The Shining,” “The Entity,” “Ghost Story,” etc etc!). I had many ghostly visitations through my life and was intrigued, but unnerved too, just like most everyone in our society.  But then I started actually communicating with them and understanding they’re just people.   People without bodies, but people all the same.

In the Excavation work I do, almost all of the ‘dead people’ I talk to are souls who have made the appropriate transition to the next energy field and are simply stopping in to say hello to their loved one.  It is very much like calling someone on the phone.  You can’t see them, but you can hear them quite well — if the connection is good! — and can certainly receive their messages of love and conveyance of other information.  Not scary at all.  In fact, these communications tend to be incredibly comforting and healing.

I have a personal practice of service to souls who are trapped in this energy field.  In shamanism, this is called ‘psychopomp’ (isn’t that a great word!), and it is a technique of lovingly and respectfully offering help to those who, for whatever reason, didn’t transition properly.  These people tend to be confused.  They may not know they are dead, or they may feel that they have something left to do here.  Some may have died in an accident or via drug overdose and are still in shock from the experience.  Some may have committed suicide and are now afraid to face the consequences taught to them (inaccurately) by their religions, so they stay here instead.

In psychopomp, the shaman offers help, “hey, I see you look confused.  I can help you get to where you’ll be more comfortable.  Would you like some assistance?”  Ninety percent of souls are more than happy to accept the help, and the shaman ushers them to the next field, to the destination of human souls.  About ten percent of souls aren’t ready to make the journey (for whatever reason).  In these cases, I always tell the soul I will be back to check on them again sometime in the future.  Most of the souls are ready to transition upon the second contact.  It just takes time sometimes.

Human souls are humans.  They look like people.  For the most part, they act like people.  They can’t possess the living.  They can’t do damage to the living.  They might inadvertently scare or startle a living person, but it’s not their intention (despite what you may have seen in the movies!).  It is startling to suddenly be joined by an apparition, even if all they’re trying to do is say hello or ask for help.  I think often our culture confuses Dark Energies (what might also be known as entities, demons, elementals, or vampires) with stuck human souls (aka ghosts).  Dark Energies are a topic for another article, but suffice it to say, Dark Energies are rare and are only attracted to living humans who beckon them through negative practices.  A person steeped in love, living in joy and gratitude will most likely never come face to face with one of these energies.  However, that same person might experience the blessing of communicating with a human soul from the other side, either through a psychic medium or a dream or a feeling of presence.  These truly are blessings along the path.

One thing I have learned throughout all of this, is that human souls, incarnated or disincarnate, deserve respect.  A stuck spirit doesn’t need someone yelling at it to “GO to the light.”  A stuck spirit should be treated as a young child who’s skinned her knee and needs the loving presence of a caregiver to ‘make it all better.’   If you should come across a stuck soul, don’t fall into fear, but into compassion.  You can let them know there is another place that is more comfortable.  You can suggest they go towards the light, and/or you can find a shaman or other practitioner to help the soul move forward.

Creepy?  Not in my opinion.   Honestly, it’s exhilarating to know we aren’t just plant food when we drop our bodies, and that we aren’t just a figment in someone else’s memory, but a living, complicated, and eternal being.

Be well,



What To Expect From A Session with Lizzy

22 Jan

I often have clients tell me they are nervous and/or scared before their first session.  They are leaping into the unknown and that can be nerve wracking!

Here is a detailed and specific list of what to expect from a Healing Excavation.  I hope this sets some minds to ease.   With Love, Lizzy

*60-90 minutes of one-on-one time together, without interruptions, in a calm and grounded atmosphere.  Some of the time we will be seated on sofas simply talking, and other times we will use a treatment table for more hands-on type of work.  (Although it is not necessary to have direct physical contact).  We will be working in the presence of, and guided by,  spiritual guides and energies.  These may present as images, words, ideas, childhood memories, past life memories, messages from loved ones, and beyond.  We will access this information in a safe, intentional manner.
*new insights about how to help your current life feel more creative, productive and/or satisfying
*access to deeper and/or hidden information about what’s causing blockages in your life
*connection to higher realms of spiritual wisdom
*a feeling of energetic shift and/or lightness by the end of the session
*supportive compassion
*lots of conversation as we co-create your healing
*control — you are in charge.   We will work together from the intention you set at the beginning of our time together.
*laughter ….and maybe tears.  Regardless of the emotions that move through your system, you will experience them in a safe and nurturing environment.

*a psychic reading
*predictive information (i.e. ‘telling the future’)
*dire information: I won’t tell you you’re about to die!  (This is a serious concern of many people.)
*talk of demons or curses
*histrionics or ungrounded behavior
*overwhelm to the nervous system.  Healing work can be intense.  I stay conscious of spiritual/emotional/physical capacity at all times.
*love spells/attempts to affect another person’s free will.
*extra hidden fees or sales pressure to buy anything additional
*medical advice
*false claims (if I can’t help you, I’ll let you know asap and will refer you to a practitioner who better meets your needs)

*PTSD                                              *relationship challenges
*death of a loved one                   *work challenges
*chronic pain                                 *creative blockages
*life transitions                             *depression/anxiety
*fertility issues/pregnancy          *spiritual growth
*life path
*many clients come for an Excavation out of simple curiosity and the desire to know themselves more deeply.  Excavation is helpful to all these issues!  Please refer to Experiences of Others on this website for client testimonials.

A note from Lizzy: Healing Excavation is difficult to fully describe.  It is ever changing based on the needs of the individual.  One thing I hear very often is that the energy shift continues over the weeks following a treatment, and that its full impact is only obvious after about four weeks.  I have had a number of clients shift to the extent that jobs changed, new opportunities appeared and appropriate, loving partners manifested despite years of blockages and unhealthy patterns in those areas.  Healing Excavation is a miraculous gift.  I feel lucky to experience it via my clients’ journeys.  It appeared to me out of whole cloth during the summer of 2016.  New facets appear weekly, as I am guided through the healing sessions.  A client might experience any of the following during their treatment, depending upon what is needed for their specific healing in the specific moment of our meeting: guidance from higher sources, crystal work, sound therapy using tuning forks or tibetan bells, chakra clearing and/or stimulation, brain re-wire, cranial-sacral manipulation, channeled energy and activations, body and/or visual cues from ascended sources, past life stories, messages from loved ones, angels, or animals, shamanic work, soul song, light language, clearing and extractions from the energetic field, soul retrieval, contact with multidimensional beings, and beyond.

Or, if you prefer a single sentence description, here are the words of one client:
“I feel like my head blew up.  But in a good way!”


Let Meditation Be Easy

16 Dec

We can release so much and open our bodies to such great energy flow when we meditate.  However, mention meditation to most people and you will typically get a wide-eyed response of terror!  “Meditation is too hard,” I have heard over and over again.  But, believe it or not, the hard part of meditating is that most people make it too complicated to actually be effective.

When I first tried meditation about 15 years ago, I had many rituals and rules about the way I was supposed to be doing it.   I was rather OCD about it.  I’d ring a bell to start, sit cross-legged, label every thought ‘thought’ or ‘thought about anger’, ‘thought about resentment’, etc.  I set a timer and would constantly peek at it to see if it was almost time to get up and do anything else.  I’d get a little mad at myself if I forgot to follow my breath “iiiinnnn” and “ouuuuttt”.  With this style of meditating, I didn’t notice any big shifts in my life.  No sense of ‘source’ or ‘peace’.  To get that enlightened state, I figured I would just have to do it ‘better’ and more often.  There is a self-judgement in this approach that I feel interfered with actually connecting to quiet.

In my meditation now, I prefer to allow my human mind to be a human mind in all its glorious wandering self-talk.  I don’t judge it or label it.  I just allow it.  I say “cool” whenever I catch my thoughts wandering, then bring myself back to center.  At the same time, I allow quiet to seep into my meditation.  I allow the physical sense of connection, which presents as tingling or warmth in my body, to co-exist with everything else.  The moments of quiet are lengthened when I put my attention here.  ….And then it wanders again.  I say “cool”.  I bring myself back to silence.

Another simplifying step is to meditate first thing in the morning before doing anything.  I don’t stop between bed and the meditation chair.  I don’t brush my teeth, check email,  use the bathroom, or even have any thoughts if I can help it.  As soon as I notice I am awake, I haul my tuschie out of bed, and into meditation.  This way I preserve some of the nice delta waves from sleep.  This naturally keeps the mind quieter than if you interrupt the brain waves for some quotidian activity.

Once I’m in my meditation space, I don’t follow any rules that would typically make me feel bad about my inability to meditate “perfectly”.  I don’t follow breath, I don’t label thoughts, I just allow.  I don’t make a big deal of body position (i.e. cross legged or straight spine).  I just make sure I’m comfortable.  I close my eyes.  I breathe.  When I notice my mind taking a tangent, I simply tell myself, ‘cool’ and bring myself back to quiet.  I do use a timer, but I’m not beholden to it.  Honestly, I mostly use it so I don’t meditate for too long.  I have a preschooler and a dog who both need to be fed before noon!

As a final note, I do like to use crystals and, to a lesser extent, essential oils when I meditate to facilitate reaching deeper levels of quiet and connection to source.  This is a personal choice, and certainly not necessary, but, if you’re interested in trying, these allies might be of assistance to you:

crystal helpers
nirvana quartz – stimulate connection to source
tibetan quartz – stimulate communication with source
natural citrine – this is an abundance stone, you may actually see its golden radiance inside your eyelids!
phenacite – an extremely high vibration stone that stimulates 3rd eye (and beyond)
amethyst – a sweet, healing energy.  Helps to quiet the mind and bring it to center

essential oil
doTerra’s blend “in tune”

Be well!


Whale Medicine… Wisdom from the Leviathan

22 Oct

Recently, I was curious about what a whale might have to say about global warming and what I could do as an individual to help heal the earth… so I asked!  Whales are highly intelligent and sensitive beings and I figured they’d have something insightful to say on the topic, especially since oceans, their home, are suffering the effects of global warming. It is really easy as a single person on this planet of hundreds of millions to feel powerless when confronted with the hell of climate denial and all it brings with it.  So, I went on a shamanic journey to find some answers and this is what I learned:

Whale Energy — the big beautiful archetype of all whales — told me to ‘clear my blowhole”.  That is, empty my head of extraneous thoughts, of anything that smacks of judgement, negativity, preconceived ideas, darkness.  Just blow it right out of my body through the top of my head!  If you’ve ever seen a whale exhale through its blowhole, you will understand how clearing this practice can be, and also what a funny metaphor this is.   Whale Energy made me laugh.

Image result for whale blowhole

She then asked me to dive deep into the abyss of the ocean, to the trench…that’s the deepest, darkest place on the ocean’s floor, and excavate my deepest, darkest places.  She suggested that when I found what I thought was my darkest of places, I should examine it, own it, and release it through my blowhole.  And then I must dig deeper.  And when I think I’ve come to the next darkest, deepest place, to dig again, and again, and again, holding each block of negativity up to the light.  She offered that we all have more dark places than we even realize, and that these places of inner conflict and dis-owning are actually reflected in the wider world above the water, as aspects of human conflict such as war, degradation of the environment, and the polarity of the current political situation in the US (to name a few).  Whale Energy explained that the dark places we see in our society are actually reflections of our unrecognized, unresolved personal places of darkness and pain.

While I do believe it’s important to recycle, to pick up trash on the shore’s edge, to speak of the scientific reality of climate change, of course!, I also think that I can make an even bigger difference in the world by exorcising my places of anger and hatred, of bias, of judgement, etc. etc.  Imagine if the whole world — or just a portion of the world population — made this a daily or weekly or occasional practice.  Wouldn’t living here be easier, smoother, less filled with “us vs them”, with road rage, with angry reaction and revenge, less tribalism, less dysfunction, less anger.  In a world like that the insanity of destroying our planet so some of us could get ‘rich’ to the detriment of the many would finally be seen as insane.

As a last piece of wisdom, Whale Energy asked me to connect to the living whales of our planet every time I visit the beach.  She asked me to look out at the vast blue of the ocean and recognize that this is the home of the whales, that “We are here.”  She suggested I greet the whales and send a piece of love their way. This is a powerful exercise, and one that I practice every time I see the ocean.  You are welcome to try it too!

With love