What To Expect From A Session with Lizzy

22 Jan

I often have clients tell me they are nervous and/or scared before their first session.  They are leaping into the unknown and that can be nerve wracking!

Here is a detailed and specific list of what to expect from a Healing Excavation.  I hope this sets some minds to ease.   With Love, Lizzy

*60-90 minutes of one-on-one time together, without interruptions, in a calm and grounded atmosphere.  Some of the time we will be seated on sofas simply talking, and other times we will use a treatment table for more hands-on type of work.  (Although it is not necessary to have direct physical contact).  We will be working in the presence of, and guided by,  spiritual guides and energies.  These may present as images, words, ideas, childhood memories, past life memories, messages from loved ones, and beyond.  We will access this information in a safe, intentional manner.
*new insights about how to help your current life feel more creative, productive and/or satisfying
*access to deeper and/or hidden information about what’s causing blockages in your life
*connection to higher realms of spiritual wisdom
*a feeling of energetic shift and/or lightness by the end of the session
*supportive compassion
*lots of conversation as we co-create your healing
*control — you are in charge.   We will work together from the intention you set at the beginning of our time together.
*laughter ….and maybe tears.  Regardless of the emotions that move through your system, you will experience them in a safe and nurturing environment.

*a psychic reading
*predictive information (i.e. ‘telling the future’)
*dire information: I won’t tell you you’re about to die!  (This is a serious concern of many people.)
*talk of demons or curses
*histrionics or ungrounded behavior
*overwhelm to the nervous system.  Healing work can be intense.  I stay conscious of spiritual/emotional/physical capacity at all times.
*love spells/attempts to affect another person’s free will.
*extra hidden fees or sales pressure to buy anything additional
*medical advice
*false claims (if I can’t help you, I’ll let you know asap and will refer you to a practitioner who better meets your needs)

*PTSD                                              *relationship challenges
*death of a loved one                   *work challenges
*chronic pain                                 *creative blockages
*life transitions                             *depression/anxiety
*fertility issues/pregnancy                                    *spiritual growth
*many clients come for an Excavation out of simple curiosity and the desire to know themselves more deeply.  Excavation is helpful to all these issues!  Please refer to Experiences of Others on this website for client testimonials.


Let Meditation Be Easy

16 Dec

We can release so much and open our bodies to such great energy flow when we meditate.  However, mention meditation to most people and you will typically get a wide-eyed response of terror!  “Meditation is too hard,” I have heard over and over again.  But, believe it or not, the hard part of meditating is that most people make it too complicated to actually be effective.

When I first tried meditation about 15 years ago, I had many rituals and rules about the way I was supposed to be doing it.   I was rather OCD about it.  I’d ring a bell to start, sit cross-legged, label every thought ‘thought’ or ‘thought about anger’, ‘thought about resentment’, etc.  I set a timer and would constantly peek at it to see if it was almost time to get up and do anything else.  I’d get a little mad at myself if I forgot to follow my breath “iiiinnnn” and “ouuuuttt”.  With this style of meditating, I didn’t notice any big shifts in my life.  No sense of ‘source’ or ‘peace’.  To get that enlightened state, I figured I would just have to do it ‘better’ and more often.  There is a self-judgement in this approach that I feel interfered with actually connecting to quiet.

In my meditation now, I prefer to allow my human mind to be a human mind in all its glorious wandering self-talk.  I don’t judge it or label it.  I just allow it.  I say “cool” whenever I catch my thoughts wandering, then bring myself back to center.  At the same time, I allow quiet to seep into my meditation.  I allow the physical sense of connection, which presents as tingling or warmth in my body, to co-exist with everything else.  The moments of quiet are lengthened when I put my attention here.  ….And then it wanders again.  I say “cool”.  I bring myself back to silence.

Another simplifying step is to meditate first thing in the morning before doing anything.  I don’t stop between bed and the meditation chair.  I don’t brush my teeth, check email,  use the bathroom, or even have any thoughts if I can help it.  As soon as I notice I am awake, I haul my tuschie out of bed, and into meditation.  This way I preserve some of the nice delta waves from sleep.  This naturally keeps the mind quieter than if you interrupt the brain waves for some quotidian activity.

Once I’m in my meditation space, I don’t follow any rules that would typically make me feel bad about my inability to meditate “perfectly”.  I don’t follow breath, I don’t label thoughts, I just allow.  I don’t make a big deal of body position (i.e. cross legged or straight spine).  I just make sure I’m comfortable.  I close my eyes.  I breathe.  When I notice my mind taking a tangent, I simply tell myself, ‘cool’ and bring myself back to quiet.  I do use a timer, but I’m not beholden to it.  Honestly, I mostly use it so I don’t meditate for too long.  I have a preschooler and a dog who both need to be fed before noon!

As a final note, I do like to use crystals and, to a lesser extent, essential oils when I meditate to facilitate reaching deeper levels of quiet and connection to source.  This is a personal choice, and certainly not necessary, but, if you’re interested in trying, these allies might be of assistance to you:

crystal helpers
nirvana quartz – stimulate connection to source
tibetan quartz – stimulate communication with source
natural citrine – this is an abundance stone, you may actually see its golden radiance inside your eyelids!
phenacite – an extremely high vibration stone that stimulates 3rd eye (and beyond)
amethyst – a sweet, healing energy.  Helps to quiet the mind and bring it to center

essential oil
doTerra’s blend “in tune”

Be well!


Whale Medicine… Wisdom from the Leviathan

22 Oct

Recently, I was curious about what a whale might have to say about global warming and what I could do as an individual to help heal the earth… so I asked!  Whales are highly intelligent and sensitive beings and I figured they’d have something insightful to say on the topic, especially since oceans, their home, are suffering the effects of global warming. It is really easy as a single person on this planet of hundreds of millions to feel powerless when confronted with the hell of climate denial and all it brings with it.  So, I went on a shamanic journey to find some answers and this is what I learned:

Whale Energy — the big beautiful archetype of all whales — told me to ‘clear my blowhole”.  That is, empty my head of extraneous thoughts, of anything that smacks of judgement, negativity, preconceived ideas, darkness.  Just blow it right out of my body through the top of my head!  If you’ve ever seen a whale exhale through its blowhole, you will understand how clearing this practice can be, and also what a funny metaphor this is.   Whale Energy made me laugh.

Image result for whale blowhole

She then asked me to dive deep into the abyss of the ocean, to the trench…that’s the deepest, darkest place on the ocean’s floor, and excavate my deepest, darkest places.  She suggested that when I found what I thought was my darkest of places, I should examine it, own it, and release it through my blowhole.  And then I must dig deeper.  And when I think I’ve come to the next darkest, deepest place, to dig again, and again, and again, holding each block of negativity up to the light.  She offered that we all have more dark places than we even realize, and that these places of inner conflict and dis-owning are actually reflected in the wider world above the water, as aspects of human conflict such as war, degradation of the environment, and the polarity of the current political situation in the US (to name a few).  Whale Energy explained that the dark places we see in our society are actually reflections of our unrecognized, unresolved personal places of darkness and pain.

While I do believe it’s important to recycle, to pick up trash on the shore’s edge, to speak of the scientific reality of climate change, of course!, I also think that I can make an even bigger difference in the world by exorcising my places of anger and hatred, of bias, of judgement, etc. etc.  Imagine if the whole world — or just a portion of the world population — made this a daily or weekly or occasional practice.  Wouldn’t living here be easier, smoother, less filled with “us vs them”, with road rage, with angry reaction and revenge, less tribalism, less dysfunction, less anger.  In a world like that the insanity of destroying our planet so some of us could get ‘rich’ to the detriment of the many would finally be seen as insane.

As a last piece of wisdom, Whale Energy asked me to connect to the living whales of our planet every time I visit the beach.  She asked me to look out at the vast blue of the ocean and recognize that this is the home of the whales, that “We are here.”  She suggested I greet the whales and send a piece of love their way. This is a powerful exercise, and one that I practice every time I see the ocean.  You are welcome to try it too!

With love




Crystals: Another Point of View

1 Oct

One of my favorite teachers through the years is kundalini master, Guru Singh, who lives and works in Los Angeles.  He has the most penetrating eyes and speaks from a place of deep — even magical — wisdom.  He is dead serious and also hilarious.  He was a student of Yogi Bhajan who brought kundalini to the US.  I first met Guru Singh about 15 years ago at a yoga conference.  He gave an esoteric talk about sanskrit.  He explained that the sound vibration made by each syllable in sanskrit has an actual physical effect on the hearer.  In fact, if a sanskrit syllable is vibrated against a drum that holds sand, the sand will form the shape of the letter!  How cool is that.

His knowledge of sanskrit and the mystical language of sound had particular interest for me because of a dream I had had about 6 months before attending the conference.  In the dream, a yogi came to me with two assistants, a man and a woman, who were dressed in the most wonderful mystical garments of leopard skin.  The yogi was wearing a white turban and smock (not unlike Guru Singh’s garb).  He had a twinkle in his eye and said to the assistants, “She is ready for the jute.”

“Jute,” I said.  “What’s that?”

The yogi smiled as his male helper opened an ancient book of sanskrit (which I don’t speak or read!).  They pointed to a specific line of text, and the yogi said, “Jute!”

“Well, I can’t read that.  What is it?” I said.

The yogi again smiled and laughed as did his helpers.  He stepped closer to me and placed his thumb in the middle of my forehead.  My entire body was filled with the most orgasmic, blissful feeling.  In the dream, I levitated and saw symbols flash before my eyes.  It was a beautiful heavenly experience.  When I floated back to the ground, the group was laughing with joy, and the yogi said again to me, “Jute!  Now you know.”

Well, I was moved and mystified by this dream.  It had felt very real, and my body hummed for days after the jute experience.  I researched the term “jute” as much as possible, trying different spellings (“chute” “choot” “jhute”) but never found anything remotely helpful.  Then I met Guru Singh.

It occurred to me that he might know what “jute” was, so when he finished speaking and he was packing up his things, I approached.  He smiled (like the yogi in my dream) and nonchalantly said “Oh yes, jute”  He pronounced it exactly as had the yogi.  “It’s archaic sanskrit.  Not used at all anymore.  It means prana or chi.  Energy.”  He didn’t seem the least bit surprised by my dream or that I had been initiated into this experience.  He said, “Oh, yes.  You had your kundalini activitated.”

Well, I thought this all pretty cool so I began to attend his weekly classes at Yoga West in LA.  I learned so much from him over the three years I spent in his class.  After a while, the commute and life got too busy and I stopped attending his class.  But recently, I reconnected with him via his website and his wonderful daily email he sends at 6 am so it’s ready for me first thing after I finish meditating!  Although, I haven’t been back to his class, I feel that I am again learning from his lineage.

So, that’s the long way of me saying that I want to share this morning’s email from him regarding crystals.  Whenever I try to explain how crystals work to support different issues in the human body I end up feeling like a flighty new-ager.  So I thought I would share Guru Singh’s concept of how crystals work.  He has been a wise and reliable source for me over the years!

Check him out at http://www.gurusingh.com

Here is his newsletter:

Sat Nam Dear Ones-

Silicon crystal is a source of incredible usefulness on the Earth’s surface since the earliest volcanic rock flowed from the molten core. It’s the second most abundant trace mineral in the Earth’s crust — twenty-seven percent of average rock. It’s been a friend of humans for thousands of years. In its earliest usage it formed alloys out of metals; was then melted down to create glass; hourglasses were formed out of it to measure time’s passage, and glass lenses looked into and beyond time . . . through microscopes and telescopes. From the hourglass — in its earliest timekeeping — to right now where silicon microchips keep massive amounts of time in the data memories of history storage. Silicon links with oxygen, which makes up another fifty-five percent of the earth’s crust and atmosphere, to form the most common of minerals called silicates — silica — silicon dioxide — an essential part of your body’s flexible joints, vital skin, and strong nails, teeth, and bones. Quartz is a silicate made of pure silica, and it’s this quartz crystal — in nanoparticles — that produces the electromagnetic fields in all biological and botanical tissue. When you apply pressure to the tissue of an animal, or plant, you create a piezo-electric charge. This electricity — although a separate element from magnetism — is never found without it. Once a piezo-electric charge is produced, a magnetic field is formed around your body. This is the aura surrounding your life. Quartz crystal is the only mineral that reacts with this electric property. This was used in the first crystal radio sets, which gave way to vacuum tube radios, which gave way to transistor technology, which gave way to the microchip . . . a complete circle of silicon . . . a story told through the world of minerals that’s mimicking the circle of life. Our prayer is that the stories you tell through the crystals in your body, are the stories that advance these circles of evolution . . . great stories that circle out of this current human social cul-de-sac and into a more crystal clarity, which you have in you. 

Always with Sacred Love, Blessings, Prayer & Gratitude…
Sat Nam,


3 Sep

I am always trying to learn more about this magnificent adventure of life.  Here are some of my current allies.  I’d like to share them with you!

The Power of Now
, Eckhart Tolle.  Help for living day-to-day, quieting the reactive mind, freedom from the pain body.  I like to read a chapter at bedtime!
Adventures of A Western Mystic: Apprentice To The Masters & Search For A Guru, Peter Mt. Shasta.  An extremely readable 2-book adventure of spiritual evolution with many how-to’s.  The bibliography is great!
Jesus Lived In India, Holgar Kersten.  Blow your mind a little bit!  This describes Jesus as a healer, trained by Indian mystics 2000 years ago.  It also offers the possibility that he survived crucifixion and spent the rest of his days as a healer in the lands to the east of Israel.
The Book of Stones, Robert Simmons.  An authority on the many (and intriguing!) uses of crystals.

In The Magical Medicine Kit
4 homeopathic pellets Bioplasma a day (aka ‘cell salts’).  This helps with the typical symptoms of spiritual ascension, such as head-aches, fatigue, emotional rollercoaster, feeling ungrounded.  I recommend these for anyone on the spiritual path.  They truly make a difference in my daily life.
Essential Oils: Serenity blend (by Doterra) in the evening on the top of my head and bottoms of my feet for sleep. Lavender and Spearmint on my throat chakra each morning, and before treating clients.  This blend is ultra-supportive for clear and concise verbal expression (and smells like Wrigley’s spearmint gum!).
Tuning Forks.  This is one of my new passions.  I love clearing my energy field with a beautiful C note.  I’m also learning a lot about the sacred Solfeggio tones which are ancient keys to healing.  528 Hz (the MI tone) is the frequency of human DNA and listening to it can help support balance and healing.
Palo Santo.  This wood is deeply cleansing.  I burn it before and after a Healing Excavation.  I also use it in spray form for a quick clear.
My rocks!  I have a large collection of minerals and I cycle between different ones at different times in my life.  I highly recommend that my clients start their own collection.  You can go to a rock shop and simply purchase whatever appeals to you.  I am deep into danburite for heart healing at the moment.  I grab it whenever I wake in the night and can’t get back to sleep.  I’m also super-enjoying herkimer diamond during meditation.  My dead dog came for a visit the other day while I was meditating with this sweet stone.

Sensory deprivation, aka floating.  I spend an hour once a week floating in complete silence and darkness in a delicious bath of epsom salt.  (I frequent a center in Pasadena called Just Float).  I have had amazing experiences doing this practice — from wondrous past-life recalls, to a sense of deep relaxation, to the flashing of lights and colors in front of my face in pitch black darkness, to spirit visitations, to an increase of my clairvoyant capabilities.
Affirmation: Throughout the day, whenever I remember, I say “I AM” to remind myself that I am god essence, and draw attention to the energy of my heart.
Morning meditation.  Don’t make it a big whoop.  Just sit up in bed and breathe for a while.  Kyle Cease, an inspiring motivational speaker, told me, just say “cool” whenever a thought appears.  It’s so non-judgemental and more fun than labeling a thought “thought”.
Sending love …..to Donald Trump.  This is by far the hardest practice.  I don’t agree with his politics and find his behavior to be repugnant beyond belief.  By sending love, rather than hatred or contempt, I’m hoping to soften his heart, and heal some of the obvious wounding he received as a child and through his life.  I hope this will allow him to lead all americans with the highest intention, or at least with less vitriol.  Call me naive… but remember the scene in The Fifth Element when the home planet is threatened by a death star-type weapon.  When shot with bombs, it only increases in ferocity.  One negativity feeds the other.  The only way to diffuse the weapon is to send love and compassion.  I’d also like to cite one other example where love is the ultimate “weapon”….

I once took a meditation class from a woman whose first job as a psychic was assisting in exorcisms.  Pretty wild stuff!  She said that the primary protection and tool in this work was staying heart-centered.  This is not an easy thing to do in the presence of something most of us have only ever seen in movies (and thought was fictional).  Talk about one-minded focus!  Not only was she having her mind blown that this stuff was actually real, but she also had to set aside any and all fear to keep herself safe and help resolve the possession.   Peter Mt Shasta, in his book of adventures listed above, also talks about using love as the ultimate weapon against an unwanted other-worldly intruder who visits him one night.  Finally, the shaman with whom I work, always talks about focusing on the ‘sun of the heart’ and radiating its loving energy consistently regardless of the obstacles we face.

So, on that note…. I’m sending love and support!
Be well,





Downloads and The Natural State

22 Aug

In January 2017,  I started experiencing intense rushes of energy throughout my body.  It was pretty phenomenal, coming at all hours of the day and night.  It was the first time I had ever felt something so strong and intentional.  These rushes were like a powerful electrical current running down through my body from the top of my head.  It was as though a large electrical hand was clasping my skull and scooping electricity into me.  My body responded with a heightened sense of bliss, joy, and relaxation.  These flashes lasted anywhere from 5 seconds to five minutes, and occurred up to 10 times a day.  It was pretty intense!  I learned to stop the moment I felt a new wave coming and to simply absorb.  I also decided to thank whatever source this was coming from since it felt very loving and benevolent.  However, the intensity of the downloads, coupled with their frequency, began to freak me out and I started to wonder if I had a brain tumor.  I spoke with some of my more metaphysically inclined friends and decided to wait on the doctor’s appointment, and play with the idea that this was a spiritual experience.  These rushes (or what I was calling “downloads”) stopped after five days just as suddenly as they began.  I have no conscious idea of what was being transferred into my system via these rushes — there were no words, no images, no teachings associated with the phenomena — but I did notice I could now channel a new and more powerful energy during healing sessions.  I also felt more supported and loved by universe and in my day-to-day interactions, and was able to connect my body awareness to a more universal sense of being.

Since that time, I have continued to receive similar transmissions, usually at night.  I have grown so accustomed to them that I am now freaked out when I go more than a few weeks without that electrical surge coming through the top of my head (or up through the base of my spine).

Dr. Mary Helen Hensley (a healer who I write about in a previous post), offers that this tingly, connected sensation that I describe as a ‘download’ is actually our natural state, and that it is normal to connect with these higher energies during sleep.  This removes any pathology from the experience (i.e. wondering about brain tumors or going ‘crazy’), and brings it to the realm of normal human experience.  I like this!

If our natural state is to be electrically charged, to be in sparkly contact with universe, then why is it that these experiences seem so strange and rare (to the point of suspecting a brain tumor)?  I believe most people receive these downloads but are either not conscious of them or don’t know how to identify them.   If you’re curious about these downloads, pay attention to your body, to your physical state, especially when laughing or feeling love.  Note if there is any tingling of fingertips or toes — that is the natural state.  Once you start to identify the smaller aspects of this state, you may soon find yourself experiencing more dramatic examples of the natural state, such as I describe above.  You may also ask your higher self for this experience.  (Be sure to keep your intention for highest good clear so you don’t open the door to anything but benevolent presence).

Upon occasion, during Excavation, a client will spontaneously experience this electrical pulsation as they come face-to-face with who they really are.  A recent client asked me, ‘What the hell are you doing!”  My answer was it was he who was doing the doing.  I was just the conduit, holding space, while we witnessed him suddenly coming into contact with his own authentic self.  It was pretty awe-inspiring for us both.  Many tissues (and OMGs) later, he stood up from the treatment couch and laughed, and said, “Well, I wasn’t expecting that!”  It was very special and made we wonder what the world would be like if we did expect these types of experiences.  If it was within normal purview and expectation to experience our authentic selves, in connection to universe (and, may I say, God), and to one another in a unified energy field.  What a world that would be!

So, pay attention to those tingling fingers and toes, chills up the spine, and goosebumps.  These are all signs you are making contact with your truth.

Be well,

Mourning A Loss

9 Aug

I regularly work with people who are mourning the loss of a loved one.   If we are lucky during an Excavation, I can make contact with the departed one and open a line of communication for my client.  I see how helpful and healing this is for both parties.  Often, the worries felt by my clients that their loved one is ‘not ok’ is greatly diminished by this connection.

However, mourning is a tricky thing, especially when the loss is sudden and/or violent.  It’s not always easy to find peace or to “move on,” as we are often told to do by our culture, particularly in the cases that seem so untimely and shocking.  It is so hard not to imagine the pain or fear we believe our loved one went through.  I recently had a few sessions that dealt with this issue, and the information that filtered through from ‘the other side’ felt particularly profound.  I share this information here with permission and names/details have been changed to protect privacy, in the hopes that it can be of use and solace to others in similar situations.

“David” died unexpectedly. In addition to the shock his family and loved ones experienced, they were also left with guilt (all the could-haves and should-haves), the challenging physical details of his death, and the worry that he had suffered in his last moments.  However, the first thing David said when he came through was that he didn’t see those final moments as frightening or gruesome.  In his experience, his spirit popped out of his physical form so quickly that he didn’t actually feel any pain.  In fact, his spirit form looked at his body and had the thought “Who is that?  I should help him.”  Even before he fully realized it was him he was looking at, two angels appeared on either side of him and helped him transition quickly and easily.  He showed me the transition a number of times to make sure I understood how simple it had been.  He told me “I’m fine.  I’m fine.”  He then asked his family to stop imagining his death as the sad story in their heads, and to reframe their memory of him as a beautiful, strong, virile, joy-filled man, not as a helpless victim.  He explained that the pain his friends were generating about the circumstances of his death were not healthy for them or our planet, and that, for the most part, these imaginings were not an accurate picture of his experience, but projections that kept his loved ones in a heightened state of prolonged pain.

I found this piece of information to have profound possibilities for helping other people in mourning.  It is possible to miss a deceased one deeply, but also to lessen some of the suffering by staying conscious of our thoughts, and to realize what is fear/imagination/projections versus the loved one’s actual experience.  It is very possible that the loved one never felt any of these emotions or pain.

A further example comes from a client who was wracked by guilt that her sister’s body hadn’t been found for a week.  My client couldn’t move away from ideas that her sister was ‘angry’ at her for not noticing the loss sooner, or that her sister was left in loneliness as she awaited someone to notice she was dead.

However,  the sister responded with laughter to my client’s question, “Are you mad I didn’t find your body?”  She answered, “Well, I’m the one who left it there!” And, then, with more laughter, “like a pair of dirty underwear!”

What a different perspective!  Isn’t this a study in polar opposites!  My client’s pain and guilt over the story she told herself of her sister’s death, and her sister’s sense of joy and sardonic humor, detached from the pain of the event entirely.

One of my earliest experiences with a person experiencing this type of exacerbated mourning was a mother whose 8-year old daughter had been murdered.  This occurred before I was doing Excavations.  Indeed, it was when I had only an inkling of how I would eventually connect with spirit.   This mother was sick with pain imagining her child suffering at the time of her death.   We somehow found each other online, and her pain struck a deep part of me.  As many of you may be aware, I experienced abuse as a young girl at the hands of a group of very confused people (to say the least!).  However, I did not suffer and I did not feel pain in the moment*, and if I had died, as they had planned, I would not have suffered in the least, despite the extremely sick things they were perpetrating.  Our bodies go into a state of shock in times like these, or, to the more metaphysically inclined, our spirits leave our bodies and watch from a safe distance.  Our spirits can see what’s happening, but not feel it.  This is very much like David’s experience of his death.

I was able to tune into the death of this young girl and to know without question that, despite the difficult circumstances of her death, she never felt pain.  She had left her body and was watching from a safe distance.  She never felt fear.  She never felt alone—all of the things her mother was sure she’d gone through.  I’d like to think that my communication with this grieving mother had a lasting and loving effect.  She wrote me many times afterwards to tell me the relief she felt, and that she was able now to think of her child without ‘replaying’ the horror her child went through.  She realized that it wasn’t her daughter who went through the horror, but herself who was living, feeling, and replaying the horror over and over again.  Finally, after years, she was able to think of her daughter minus the circumstances of her death.  This provided such solace and freedom.

Isn’t this an unusual way to think about death and mourning?  Well, I think it is.  I do know from the spirits I’ve met, as well as my own near death experience, that what we go through isn’t at all what our relatives-still-living think we went through.  Yes, please, mourn the ones you’ve lost.  This is important.  But it is also important to be concious of our thoughts at this very tender time to steer clear of our worst imaginings.  We must think about our loved ones — not in their final moments (we will never have an actual, factual picture of these moments) but as they were in life — joyful, complicated, funny, intense, and human.

Be well.  Be free.  Live in light.



*As a side note: surviving severe abuse is another story entirely and can cause someone to live in terrible emotional/spiritual/physical pain for many years until they find a way to unwind the experience from their energy field.   In my case, I found sensory motor psychotherapy, energy work, rolfing, kinesiology, and chiropractics to be profoundly healing.

**a helpful crystal for dealing with loss is a type of obsidian called Apache Tears.  It is recommended to place an Apache Tear in one’s pocket and use throughout the day as a comfort stone.   This can support the mourning process.  Often at the end of an intense period of mourning, when many of the raw feelings have resolved a bit, the Apache Tear will be lost…either by falling out of one’s pocket, or simply disappearing!