Healing Excavation is a hands-on healing system that exposes hindering patterns and blockages, bringing them to consciousness for release.  These patterns can emanate from childhood traumas, dysfunction in family-of-origin, in-utero experiences, and other life changing events, and may appear as self-defeating coping beliefs, as well as difficulties with romantic relationships/career/abundance/addiction/physical symptoms and dis-ease.  Often, these patterns simply need to be seen and released for change to occur.  The client may also be given pertinent information regarding diet & lifestyle, strategies for modulation of beliefs, as well as messages from past life stories, guiding spirits, and loved ones who have passed.  Healing Excavation is an excellent resource for specific questions or challenges one may be facing in their lives.  There is often a concrete to-do list that comes from the Excavation to assist the client towards higher levels of healing.  Healing Excavation is a co-creation between the receiver and the universe, and offers each person the chance to take responsibility for his or her own spiritual evolution and  happiness.

Healing Excavation was developed by Lizzy Waronker via her own journey towards wholeness.  A survivor of ritual abuse, she sought help through talk therapy and sensory motor psychotherapy.  While this treatment was helpful, it did not resolve long standing spiritual, psychological, and physical issues.  She began to explore alternative therapies, delving into reiki, chiropractics, kinesiology, energy work, acupuncture, rolfing, remote healing, meditation, yoga, crystal therapy, and guided imagery.  Through this work, she discovered she was able to plug into other people’s energy systems and retrieve information vital to their well-being and spiritual progression.   After fifteen years of her own work and experimentation, she is now able to offer this same multi-dimensional therapy to others.


finding the path

Before discovering this calling, Lizzy was a collected artist.  She holds a BA in anthropology from Macalester College, and currently studies shamanism with Amanda Foulger of the Foundation for Shamanic Studies.  She is a reiki channel and holds a certificate in RIE foundations of early childhood development.

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Healing Modalities

Healing Excavation uses a variety of healing modalities as best suited to the individual.  Each treatment is different, but, typically, Lizzy will use reiki energy to relax the body, and to gently soften the critical mind.  She will then tap into the energy field to extract information as needed for healing.  This is done via a combination of clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairaudience.  While these are often labelled as ‘psychic abilities’, a healing excavation is not a ‘psychic reading.’  These extrasensory perceptions are used as a vehicle to dig into deeper layers of dysfunction so that the client can see for his/herself a path to balance.  Much of the healing from an Excavation is done by the client for themselves.  Additional modalities that may be used are crystal therapy, guided imagery, shamanistic journeying, and belief modulation.  Very often, Lizzy will precipitate contact between a client and their guiding spirits such as angels, guardians, power animals, deceased love ones, and past life energies.  Occasionally, a client will be referred to another practitioner who may have a more specific skill set to further assist in healing.  An Excavation may take up to 4 weeks to fully absorb into the system.

It is recommended to embark upon an Excavation on a day when there is not much else on the schedule.  Many clients choose to spend the time after their treatment in nature, resting at home, journaling, or in the bath.


Some healing tools: rattle, bell, rose quartz, sage, palo santo, a medicine bundle.