Healing Excavation is an intuitive healing system that clears blockage, detoxifies the body, and rewires the nervous system to manifest a person’s highest potential.  It was developed by Lizzy Waronker via her own journey towards wholeness.

Lizzy works with adults either in person or via telephone, clearing their field and channeling messages from highest source. Healing Excavation is an effective approach to dealing with life challenges such as divorce, death, career questions, PTSD, chronic illness and mystery symptoms, and/or just finding a path that works.

Lizzy also works with children. Using shamanic technology, she enters a child’s energy field remotely and retrieves vital information for their well-being. This very gentle approach softly re-aligns the nervous system and sources important information for care-givers. Lizzy has worked with non-verbal children on the autism spectrum, as well as ill children who are unable to speak or in coma. Day-to-day childhood stresses can also be alleviated in kids who are having more typical issues such as dealing with divorce, new school, learning difficulties, ADHD, social-emotional challenges, gender fluidity, etc.

Learn more about Healing Excavation, and what to expect from a treatment.

Lizzy holds a BA in anthropology from Macalester College, and has received advanced shamanic initiation via the Foundation for Shamanic Studies.  She is a reiki channel and is certified in RIE foundations of early childhood development. She is a student of kundalini master, Guru Singh, and has studied mediumship with Rhys Wynn Davies. Lizzy is a direct descendant of Susannah Martin, executed as a witch in Salem, MA, and, through her Finnish grandmother, claims lineage to the Sami, the last remaining indigenous people in Europe. She has worked in a professional role as healer with hundreds of people since 2016. Read more about Lizzy here and here.

Lizzy Waronker

Healing Modalities

Healing Excavation uses a variety of healing modalities as best suited to the individual.  Each treatment is different, but, typically, Lizzy will tap into a client’s energy field via a combination of clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairaudience.  While these are often labelled as ‘psychic abilities’, a healing excavation is not a ‘psychic reading.’  These extrasensory perceptions are used as a vehicle to dig into deeper layers of dysfunction so that the client can see for his/herself a path to balance.  Additional modalities that may be used are somatic body work such as personal energy clearing and/or channeling of high-vibration energy to support the client, crystal therapy, mediumship, past life access, guided imagery, shamanistic journeying, and belief modulation.  Very often, Lizzy will precipitate contact between a client and their guiding spirits such as angels, guardians, power animals, deceased love ones, and past life energies.  An Excavation may take up to 4 weeks to fully absorb into the system.


**The Healing Excavation session is considered confidential.  Healing Excavation is meant to provide spiritual insight for personal growth and well-being.  Medical and/or psychiatric treatment is not within the scope of Healing Excavation.  It is important to notify Lizzy if there are medical/psychiatric concerns when booking a session.