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Please email to schedule an appointment, or click here to access the calendar directly.  Lizzy is located in the LA area at either her primary space in Pasadena, CA, or, by special arrangement, at her retreat in Topanga Canyon, CA.

(As always, please email Lizzy if you cannot find a time on the calendar that works for your schedule. She often works off calendar and is happy to facilitate!)

HEALING EXCAVATION One-on-one sessions via telephone. 60 minutes of healing energy work & intuitive access to deeper realms. $215.

IN-PERSON HEALING EXCAVATION Enjoy one-on-one time with Lizzy in the magical healing studio on the third floor of an historic craftsman home. $250.

MENTORSHIP via Zoom These intensive one-on-one sessions with Lizzy address your personal goals and wildest dreams. Hone intuitive skills, open to creativity, manifest career goals, and more. The sky is the limit! Past mentees changed their realities: from starting a successful business, to signing a record deal, to manifesting healing & intuitive gifts. Mentorship is particularly suited to those seeking to hone their psychic skills and explore the spiritual path. Sessions are one hour on Zoom. Single session: $215. Pack of 4 sessions: $780.

TOUCHING BASE Come to center.  Ground.  Calm. One-on-one conversations via telephone in support of your current experiences. These sessions are healing magic, but less intensive than a full Healing Excavation. Lizzy’s intuitive channel will be open and receiving valuable information for your well-being. You determine the duration of the session. Pro-rated: $50/15 minutes. Email or call to book.

There is much that can be done on the etheric level to prepare the body, mind, and spirit for surgery. It is possible to blueprint the process: alleviating fear/stress, harmonizing medications, and creating protection for the energy body during anesthesia (among other things). Additionally, Lizzy will transmit calming energy remotely pre- and post-surgery.
$215. Via zoom or phone. Email or call to book.

HOUSE CLEARING & BLESSING House clearing adjusts the energy within a living or work space. During this session, blockages will be addressed within the environment. Elements of Feng Shui and crystal alchemy are integrated throughout, as are traditional shamanic methods. House clearing supports general well being and abundance, and clears the overlay of any previous inhabitants (living or deceased). Additionally, we can invite benevolent spirits — both elemental and celestial — to join the household.
Remote session (done off-site): $215
In-person house call: $250/hour. Most clearings last between 1-2 hours. Email or call to book.

With the child’s permission, Lizzy can enter her/his field remotely and discover root causes of physical, emotional, and/or behavioral challenges. She works with the nervous system to gently release and rewire patterns around these challenges. Once the remote session is complete, a phone/zoom conference is scheduled with the child’s caregiver for a full consultation. $215. Email or call to book.

This new in-person offering focuses on rest and rejuvenation for the body. Lizzy will work purely on the energy level to create balance and healing for the body. Relax on the massage table, as your meridian system is stimulated by crystal minerals, and your body receives the pure light energy of Reiki. Session is 50 minutes. $215.

Learn to work with the energies of the moment, explore psychic development, the ABC’s of shadow work, understand meditation, meet your guides, and beyond! Lizzy offers new classes throughout 2022. All class times are PST

Connect with spirit and hone your mediumship skills. This experiential series offers exercises for strengthening psychic muscles with ample time to practice reading others and bringing through messages from spirit. All experience levels are welcome!
Mondays, 6:00-7:30pm
May 9-30 on ZOOM

WEEKEND WORKSHOP: Arcturian Frequencies and Psychic Bootcamp in TOPANGA
This all day workshop will explore the extra-dimensional healing frequencies of the Arcturians. Participants will receive numerous activations of this healing energy so that they may work with it on their own. We will also practice third eye openings and connect with spirit through hands-on exercises.
Saturday, June 18 @ 10am – 6pm in Topanga Canyon
Limited enrollment. Sign me up!

Receive high frequency energy transmission while releasing blockage and emotional toxicity during this very special group healing session. The evening will begin with guided visualization followed by shamanic clearing and energy transmission. Lizzy will intuitively receive and share messages for personal growth during this magical evening.
In person at Lake Boutique, 1618 Silver Lake Blvd in Silver Lake, CA
Dates in spring 2022 to follow

in person dates in 2022 to be announced.
Receive a powerful kundalini life force transmission from KAP practitioner Kimberlie Eddy. KAP is an amazing experience!

HEALING ELIXIRS The energetics of your Healing Excavation session can be bottled and taken internally as an elixir to integrate the shifts in your energy field. The healing frequencies of your session are infused into structured water, and then bottled as a tincture. If crystals are used during your session, these will also be infused into the elixir. You can choose either a tincture of elixir to be taken for 3-4 weeks after the session (preserved by alcohol); or a jar of pure elixir to be taken within 24 hours (no preservative is used). $15 (shipping is additional).
Custom elixirs to address specific issues are also available.

CRYSTAL CONCIERGE SERVICE Crystals for the home. Crystals for the mind, body, and spirit. Lizzy can source some wonderful rock beings for your personal meditation practice, for home grids, gem elixirs, and more. Email to schedule a consultation. Check out the crystal shop to shop Lizzy’s special stash. Crystal consultation via Zoom $50/ 30 minutes. Private one-on-one crystal appointments are available for shopping in person.

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Absorbing the energy of the redwood

The Healing Excavation session is considered confidential.  Healing Excavation is meant to provide spiritual insight for personal growth and well-being.  Medical and/or psychiatric advice cannot be given.