Experiences of Others

“Thank you for the amazing experience I had with your class this spring. The one-on-one session we had was life changing on one level, and then the class was life changing in a different way. I learned so much, had a lot of fun, and was pleasantly surprised, and blown away at times, about what we were able to do as individuals and as a group. I know this is just the beginning. Thank you, thank you, thank you.” –Brent A.

“Years ago a friend told me I had to go see Lizzy! She said ‘I can’t explain it, just go,’ and I did. Now I tell people the exact same thing. Just go see Lizzy. Lizzy is a healer and Lizzy is also an absolute joy, filled with grace and laughter and wonder. I believe we are all light, dimmed by our trauma, our fears, our disconnection from our sleep. So many healing modalities are just this, discard what blocks the light. Go see Lizzy!” –Jen S from “What I Loved”.

“Ever since you did that work on me and pulled that pain out of my back through the past life trauma regression, I’ve never had that pain again. Sometimes all this work is still shocking how effective it is. Anyway I just wanted to thank you. You are a blessing in my life and I’m so grateful and happy that we met.” –Amy D.

“I just want to say I’ve had an incredible week working with the changes from this past session and it’s been so illuminating I have to thank you! So much has been coming up to be cleared. You rock! ” –Natalia P.

“Whatever you did, it is just totally unreal…I see totally with clarity now. You are amazing! Whatever you did, it totally has worked. I feel so much better. Thank you and I will definitely do that again in the near future. My mind was and is totally blown.  — Allan W.

“I wanted to let you know the tendonitis in my elbow has not returned since seeing you in October of last year. Yippie! I have raved about you to any and everyone. I cannot thank you enough for guiding me to less physical pain and releasing stuffed emotional trauma. You are the BEST!” –Elizabeth C.

“I didn’t know what to expect. All worries were put to rest upon entering her lovely healing space.  I was almost immediately hit with the vibration of her intense and loving energy.  During the session, we delved deep into my psyche.  She read images retrieved from my own energy field and followed the threads into the deepest — forgotten — parts of my soul.  I could actually see energy flowing through my system.  This is something I’ve only read about (and dreamed about!).  I left feeling lighter, happier, more hopeful than I have in years.  That sensation has stayed with me for weeks.  I can’t wait to meet with her again.  Thanks Lizzy!” — Amanda G.

“This has been a profound experience and it seems to continue to unfold. What I characterize as my prior arrogant defensiveness is gone. I can’t easily conjure up those feelings or senses, which is a great relief. I’m feeling a true sense of confidence that I only thought I previously had and honestly feel I can own my creative endeavors. This is a gift I am humbly grateful for. I am truly grateful for the work you did, and allowed me to do. I thank you with all my being.” –Eli F.

“I had the great pleasure of having a session with Lizzy while visiting LA.  I had no idea what to expect and Lizzy knew very little about me.   My left shoulder has bothered me for most of my life and years of body work has not resolved it.  After the session and past life regression, it feels so much lighter with no pain.  Lizzy was able access deeper levels of pain, through the regression.  She freed that part of me that was stuck, and with such love and joy that gives me goose pimples every time I think of it.  I am so grateful for Lizzy’s help in releasing this past life that had been affecting me on so many levels in this lifetime.” — Kate S.

lizzy & stone
Lizzy working with the energy of neolithic stones at Avebury henge. 2018.

“Had a great night sleep. The house is on high vibrational frequency. Surprised it didn’t lift off into to the cosmos while I slept. Thank you for your generosity of spirit and guiding light.” Petra K regarding her house clearing.

“Lizzy, through her unique practice, dove right in, confirming things I “knew” or had been “told” but couldn’t embody.  Her presence, pure love absent judgment, allowed me to accept parts of myself that I had been denying. Lizzy bridged dimensions, lovingly holding my hand so I could see and believe in the magic.  I am still processing the Excavation session which, as I reflect and more things come to me, was truly extraordinary.  Thank you!” — Karen L.

“The Excavation was intense and strongly healing.  Lizzy channeled a powerful energy, and she was very psychic. She found old stuff in my energy field that I had been carrying around for years.  The memories and information that appeared was surprising, but strangely pertinent to my life today.  With my permission, she cleared this old junk and helped me find my way on my own healing path.” –Jennifer P.

“Lizzy has given me many treatments in the past 10 months. Each session has been distinct and relevant to exactly what needs attention in my life.  Her abilities accompanied with her gentle, loving and compassionate  manner are truly unique. She has illuminated past traumas, minor to moderate in my case, that seemingly still had a grip on the way I was moving through the world.  After bringing awareness to these issues and following the advice offered, I have felt lighter and happier than I have since I was a child.  The work Lizzy does has been invaluable to my growth and my understanding of myself and others. I feel like the person I was meant to be.  I also highly recommend coming multiple times as the sessions tend to get deeper as we begin to open up the conversation with ourselves.” –Anna N.

“My time with Lizzy was amazing. I agree that it needs to be called an ‘Excavation’ because that is exactly how it felt.   I was told that the first thing that presented was what I most needed to heal, and I immediately felt grief come over me. I have done work on this particular issue and did not realize it was still so present in me. This felt like a deeper level of grief, and since I felt safe with Lizzy, I felt free to let it come. Lizzy also was able to see a medical issue which I am dealing with, and after one hour, I felt like I had healed on many levels. The feeling has stayed with me, and since the reading, I feel lighter and more carefree and free from the weight I had been carrying all these years. I loved the gentle loving guidance I received from Lizzy, and I will forever be grateful for the experience.” — Chris F.

feet on path

“I felt different after the Excavation, as though something had shifted my perception of the entire world.”  — Karen

“My first encounter with Lizzy could not have been more positive. This was my first experience with a shamanic journey/telephone healing and it was amazing how much information was provided in such a short time! Lizzy was so welcoming and respectful and her energy put my mind at ease from the moment we started. The healing gave me a lot of very clear and specific answers to questions I had and provided me with an idea of how to move things forward. I would highly recommend a session with Lizzy to anyone with a pressing question or to anyone wanting help to get past a feeling of being “stuck” or having trouble moving in a new direction.”–Max F.

“Working with Lizzy was absolutely unique because she is a beautiful soul. During our first session she was fully present, non-judgmental and her heart was open to let the light shine through it. She acted like a powerful catalyst to my experience, channeling grandparents and energies from different realms. She was able to hold space through her deep empathy while being super grounded at the same time. This allowed me to open up without fear and embrace the experience which ended up being so very healing. The best part is that it impacted my world right away and I started to see changes unfolding the day after this session. Thank you dear Lizzy!”– Laurence

“What I love most about working with Lizzy is I always leave our sessions with a newfound sense of possibility in my life. Where there’s previously been a wall, I often feel I now have a key to begin to find a way through. Lizzy often gives concrete suggestions I can begin to implement that same day. Each session has been a a really hopeful experience. I so appreciate Lizzy’s openness, empathy, and total lack of judgement. I recommend Lizzy to people I love because her work is transformative.”  –Jane M.

“My experience with Lizzy’s excavation was incredibly enlightening. I didn’t necessarily know what to expect and the experience was truly fascinating. Lizzy immediately brought up my older brother’s illness, without me mentioning and with no prior knowledge of my background. I would describe her as clairvoyant healer. She illuminated emotional blockages and offered sound and practical advice on confronting them. She has a gift, and it is a very special and truthfully magical ability to unearth what needs to be seen. It’s an experience that continues to give me guidance even months later.” –Lizzy S.

“What I got the most was some clarity on the feelings I was about to experience as I progress through my first pregnancy. This is a time that I really need to retreat and find peace outside my natural thriving professional circle, and get more in touch with myself as a human and not as a role in some big clockwork…The Excavation session gave me the breakthrough that I needed to embody the mother, the woman, and my human purpose as a female soul in this world….One statement kept coming back, echoing in my mind over and over: ‘Life is happening for me not to me. So what am I going to do about it.’ I have embraced that…The session we had, with the few healing rituals we did and homework I got to practice in daily life, has helped a lot.” –Renata W.

“Before I saw Lizzy, I could maybe get three songs into a set before I’d lose 70 percent of my voice. I’d struggle through the rest of the set then restrict myself to very minimal speaking and drink a lot of tea. I would also need about 7 bottles of water to get through a set. I’m not exaggerating. It was really this rough!  Now, after a string of 11 dates, I sang my ass off every night without a day off. I never held back at all. I just belted it out because I knew that I didn’t have anything to worry about with my voice. What a relief! This is something I’ve struggled with for years! I can’t tell you how fragile it usually is. It’s not only the voice that has improved. I’m walking around on air. I feel like any negativity just flutters on by me! I feel truly liberated from all the weight I’d taken on and I thank you every day.”–Jonny