What To Expect From A Session with Lizzy

Dysfunctional patterns can emanate from childhood traumas, dysfunction in family-of-origin, in-utero experiences, and other life changing events, and may appear as self-defeating coping beliefs, as well as difficulties in the client’s current life in the areas of romantic relationships/career/abundance/addiction/lack of joy/physical symptoms and dis-ease.  Healing Excavation reveals what needs to be healed, answers questions, and unravels challenges while maintaining respect for the individual’s life path and without overwhelm or negativity.

Many people seek Excavation treatment for specific problems, but others are simply curious as to how they may live in a more whole way, embodying all that they are meant to be.   Excavation can serve all of these intentions.

*60-90 minutes of one-on-one time together, without interruptions, in a calm and grounded atmosphere.  Some of the time we will be seated on sofas simply talking, and other times we will use a treatment table for more hands-on type of work.  (Although it is not necessary to have direct physical contact).  We will be working in the presence of, and guided by,  spiritual guides and energies.  These may present as images, words, ideas, childhood memories, past life memories, messages from loved ones, and beyond.  We will access this information in a safe, intentional manner.
*new insights about how to help your current life feel more creative, productive and/or satisfying
*access to deeper and/or hidden information about what’s causing blockages in your life
*connection to higher realms of spiritual wisdom
*a feeling of energetic shift and/or lightness by the end of the session
*supportive compassion
*lots of conversation as we co-create your healing
*control — you are in charge.   We will work together from the intention you set at the beginning of our time together.
*laughter ….and maybe tears.  Regardless of the emotions that move through your system, you will experience them in a safe and nurturing environment.

*a psychic reading
*predictive information (i.e. ‘telling the future’)
*dire information: I won’t tell you you’re about to die!  (This is a serious concern of many people.)
*talk of demons or curses
*histrionics or ungrounded behavior
*overwhelm to the nervous system.  Healing work can be intense.  I stay conscious of spiritual/emotional/physical capacity at all times.
*love spells/attempts to affect another person’s free will.
*extra hidden fees or sales pressure to buy anything additional
*medical advice
*false claims (if I can’t help you, I’ll let you know asap and will refer you to a practitioner who better meets your needs)

*PTSD                                              *relationship challenges
*death of a loved one                   *work challenges
*chronic pain                                 *creative blockages
*life transitions                             *depression/anxiety
*fertility issues/pregnancy          *spiritual growth
*life path
*many clients come for an Excavation out of simple curiosity and the desire to know themselves more deeply.  Excavation is helpful to all these issues!  Please refer to Experiences of Others on this website for client testimonials.

A note from Lizzy: Healing Excavation is difficult to fully describe.  It is ever changing based on the needs of the individual.  One thing I hear very often is that the energy shift continues over the weeks following a treatment, and that its full impact is only obvious after about four weeks.  I have had a number of clients shift to the extent that jobs changed, new opportunities appeared and appropriate, loving partners manifested despite years of blockages and unhealthy patterns in those areas.  Healing Excavation is a miraculous gift.  I feel lucky to experience it via my clients’ journeys.  It appeared to me out of whole cloth during the summer of 2016.  New facets appear weekly, as I am guided through the healing sessions.  A client might experience any of the following during their treatment, depending upon what is needed for their specific healing in the specific moment of our meeting: guidance from higher sources, crystal work, sound therapy using tuning forks or tibetan bells, chakra clearing and/or stimulation, brain re-wire, cranial-sacral manipulation, channeled energy and activations, body and/or visual cues from ascended sources, past life stories, messages from loved ones, angels, or animals, shamanic work, soul song, light language, clearing and extractions from the energetic field, soul retrieval, contact with multidimensional beings, and beyond.

Or, if you prefer a single sentence description, here are the words of one client:
“I feel like my head blew up.  But in a good way!”